New apps that we recommend you download to your iPhone and iPad

New apps that we recommend you download to your iPhone and iPad

We show you five new top apps, arrivals during the last week at App Store. Surely some of you will download.

New apps on the App Store

The Thursday of the new apps arrives on our website. The central day of the week in which we review all the New applications that have reached the application store of Manzana. From all of them we select the ones that seem the most interesting to us and here we bring them to you.

As is often the case, most of them are games but we always do a little more research, so as not to make this section so monotonous. This week we bring you 4 great games and a tool for photo editing that you are going to love it.

Top New iPhone Apps of the Week:

These are the most outstanding news, published in the App Store between June 3 and 10, 2021.

Voilà AI Artist Editor [Gratis]:

Voilà AI Artist Editor

Voilà AI Artist Editor App

This is a fun app that combines human creativity and artificial intelligence to turn your photos into funny cartoons and surprising masterpieces. A very interesting and curious application that we encourage you to try.

Download Voilà AI Artist Editor

Fat 2 Fit! [Gratis]:

Fat 2 Fit!

Game Fat 2 Fit!

Get in shape to win! Avoid those delicious but unhealthy burgers. Eat cucumbers and overcome obstacles. Race to victory in your new physical form. A game very similar to this slimming game we talked about a few weeks ago.

Download Fat 2 Fit!

Touchgrind Scooter [Gratis]:

Touchgrind Scooter

Touchgrind Scooter for iPhone

Take control and rule your city by beating local rivals in your own region. Will you be a dominant skater? How long will you maintain your reign? Compete on a large or small scale, in your country or even in your own hometown. Challenging game modes in which you can become a legend.

Download Touchgrind Scooter

Idle King – Clicker Tycoon [Gratis]:

Idle King - Clicker Tycoon

Idle King Game – Clicker Tycoon

A game in which we must harvest, earn gold and become rich. Then invest in your army to fight epic battles against your enemies. Win the war to expand your kingdom and save the princess who is captive in the dark forest. Unlock epic knights and conquer new countries to become the king of the world.

Download Idle King

Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo [Gratis]:

Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo

Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo

Create a fantastic animal world of prehistoric creatures and impress your park visitors. In this dinosaur game you will be the proud owner of a dinosaur zoo with many attractions. Place and decorate the enclosures, raise all kinds of dinosaurs, give them water, food and play equipment, equip your zoo with dinos with cafes and stands for visitors … a great game with which to have fun for hours and hours.

Download Dinosaur Park

What did you think about the selection?. Have you downloaded any ?. If so, we would like you to tell us which one.

Without further ado, we say goodbye to you until next week with new iPhone and iPad apps.



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