New apps that have just arrived on the App Store and that we recommend you

Most downloaded apps of the week. They are sensation in half the world

The five o’clock compilation arrives new apps most outstanding arrivals at the App Store, in the last week. Surely some of them, if not all, you will download.

New apps for iOS

Apple “refreshes” its application store and here we bring you the new apps. The most outstanding premieres of the last seven days.

You already know that, week by week, we bring you the most downloaded apps Mondays, free apps for a limited time highlights of Fridays and, on Thursdays, we share with you the most interesting premieres of the hundreds that are produced a week in the App Store.

It is not easy to do this filtering. There are so many novelties that it is very difficult for us to select all the ones we would like. We always rely on them being useful, contributing something new and having good reviews in their few days of “life.”

New apps for iPhone and iPad:

Here we show you the most outstanding news, which have reached the App Store between February 11 and 18, 2021.

Any Distance – Share Workouts [Gratis]:

Screenshots of Any distance

Any distance screenshots

Any Distance is a designer of training stories. Share your Apple workouts Health and compatible services through beautiful and unique story templates. Add a photo to a selection of well-designed templates, customize the look, and then share it to Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or anywhere else in just a few taps.

Download Any Distance

Thirstic: Smart Water Tracker [Gratis]:

Control your daily water consumption

Control your daily water consumption

Thirstic is the first water tracker that automatically adapts your water needs to your daily activity and the weather conditions. This app is the perfect companion for fitness and health. Do you do your usual training on Tuesday night? Thirstic it will learn the patterns and automatically update the suggested water intake. Heat wave on the horizon? Thirstic it will automatically increase the suggested intake.

Download Thirstic

Timedash Widget [1,09 €]:

Very good Widgets for your iPhone

Very good Widgets for your iPhone

Timedash Combine your most important daily information in one nifty widget: time, date, weather, and a daily step counter, all available in a clear overview on your home screen. Choose from up to 30 different color and function combinations, ranging from expressive and colorful designs to elegant and clean.

Download Timedash Widget

3things – Track Things [Gratis]:

Reminders app for iPhone

Reminders app for iPhone

Keep track of the three most important things, and more, with this app. We can add up to three things to keep track of. If you want to receive a reminder, you can set a reminder. Once you’re done with your thing, just press the button Clever. With just three important things, you will stay more focused and more organized!

Download 3things

Microsoft Office [Gratis]:

The Microsoft Office app comes to the iPad

The Microsoft Office app comes to the iPad

A little less than a year after submitting an application for Office, all in one, for iPhone, Microsoft have recently updated the app to add support for iPad. We add it as a new app since it is a great novelty for iPAd users who use any tool of this well-known platform. Microsoft.

Download Microsoft Office

Without further ado, see you next week with new applications for your device iOS.



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