The most downloaded applications on iPhone and iPad, this week

NEW APPS on iPhone and iPad this week

We show you five new apps most prominent, which have reached the App Store in the last week.

NEW APPS on iPhone and iPad this week

New apps for iPhone and iPad

The Thursday section arrives in which we highlight the new apps interesting that have been released, in recent days, in the App Store. Fresh out of the oven we will show you the scoop so you can be one of the first to enjoy them.

This week the games triumph again. Once again, it has been the category that has released the best apps. In all the others, we have not found anything that has caught our attention.

Without further ado, we show you the list of the best that has recently arrived in the Apple application store.

Top 5 New iPhone Apps of the Week:

These are the most outstanding news, published in the App Store between August 27 and September 3, 2020.

Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale [7,99 €]:

Card game for iPhoneNEW APPS on iPhone and iPad this week

Card Game for iPhone

Interesting card game in which we must fight against beings such as the dazzling barbarians or the putrinuclear runny noses to save our radioactive world from the hands of the Uberliche.

Download Meteorfall

Unit 404 [3,49 €]:

Unit 404 for iPhoneNEW APPS on iPhone and iPad this week

Unit 404 for iPhone

Fantastic platform game that we loved. If you are passionate about this genre of games, as I am, we encourage you to download it because it is an adventure that you will love to play.

Download Unit 404

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad [Gratis]:

Strategy game for iOSNEW APPS on iPhone and iPad this week

Strategy game for iOS

Strategy game in which we will have to direct 5 versus 5 battles in real time on different battlefields. Activate strategic orders at the right time to defeat your opponent’s team.

Download Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower [Gratis]:

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is coming to iOSNEW APPS on iPhone and iPad this week

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower Comes to iOS

Hundreds of stages with unique tactical challenges from around the world Warhammer. Fight your way through the chaotic Silver Tower, lair of the wicked Gaunt summoner.

Download Warhammer Quest

Solo Knight [Gratis]:

Solo Knight for iPhoneNEW APPS on iPhone and iPad this week

Solo Knight for iPhone

We play as a knight and we will have to explore the deepest depths of a vast underground world to find our own way to chivalry.

Download Solo Knight

What do you think of the premieres? We hope we have discovered an interesting app for you.


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