New APPS for iPhone and iPad that we recommend you download

New APPS for iPhone and iPad that we recommend you download

We bring you the best selection of new apps coming to the app store Manzana. Five applications that will surely make you get more out of your device. Do not miss it.

New applications for iPhone and iPad

Thursday arrives and with it, the review of the best app releases of the week in the App Store. Of all the news we select only those that are worthwhile and we will comment on them so that you can download the one that interests you the most.

The arrival of new applications to the Apple app store is incessant, but not all of them are worth highlighting. That is why we take care of selecting the most interesting ones. We will discuss them all below.

New apps for iPhone and iPad:

These apps and games have been released in the App Store, between November 19 and 26, 2020.

SLAM DUNK [Gratis]:

Basketball game for iOS

Basketball game for iOS

We are facing an interesting game of Basket in real time. A multiplayer competition in real time with a wide variety of games to show your skills. In addition to the main 3V3 half-time mode, there are also several game modes such as 1V1 Duel, 2V2 Teams, 3V3 Field, and 5V5 Singles. Combine and team up with teammates located alone to experience the allure of team competition.

Download SLAM DUNK

The tree [5,49 €]:

Board game for iPhone

Strategy game for iPhone

We must cultivate an emblematic tree in each of the worlds. We have a certain number of elements to make the tree grow and the first to place them wins. Each player has cards and guardian spirits to help their tree grow faster or slow the growth of their opponents. Interesting strategy game.

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Download The Tree

Homepage – Smart Contact List [Gratis]:

Contact management app

Contact management app

Keep your contacts up to date with the cloud-based smart contact list of HomePage. Consolidate your contacts from all your email accounts, social networks and address books and keep them up to date so you can always stay connected.

Download Homepage

Audio Campfire [1,09 €]:

Campfire Audio App for iPhone

Audio Campfire App for iPhone

With the app, anyone can record their thoughts on a wide variety of different topics. All files are saved in the application and we can also share them quickly and easily with other people. It is an interesting app to, for example, be able to preserve the voice of loved ones while they tell stories about their lives. This is something that, over time, cannot be priced.

Download Audio Campfire

Budget Forward [12,99 €]:

Economics app for iPhone

Financial planning app for iPhone

This is a financial planning assistant who is focused on the future. Create and execute a long-term financial plan to take control of your finances and reduce uncertainty.

Download Budget Forward

We hope you found the premieres we have selected this week interesting and we are waiting for you in seven days with more new apps for your iPhone and iPad.



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