New apps for iPhone and iPad that we recommend you download

The NEW highlights for iPhone of the week

We bring you five new apps for iPhone that we recommend you, at least, try. They are the best that have arrived in recent days at the App Store and we want to share them with you.

New apps for iPhone and iPad

Again in the middle of the week and, again, our fantastic compilation with the New applications most prominent, which have arrived in recent days to the application store of Manzana.

This week we have delved deeper into all the news that have arrived and we have brought you Applications that, surely, you will not see elsewhere. Apps that surely no one will discover except those who visit this article. That is why they will be totally exclusive for you. Enjoy them.

New apps for iPhone and iPad:

These apps appeared in the App Store between August 13-20, 2020.

Neverwinter nights [10,99 €]:

Role Playing Game for iPhone

Role Play for iPhone

Adaptation to ios of Neverwinter nights, a classic role-playing game by Dungeons & Dragons, which many were waiting for. Explore over 100 hours of gameplay, including the original campaign, plus six adventures DLC free. Play alone or team up with friends for a great adventure in the Forgotten Realms.

Download Neverwinter Nights

Kavel [2,29 €]:

Puzzle game for iPhone

Puzzle game for iPhone

Classic block game. Spin and drag the Tetromino to place it on the puzzle grid. See how the score accumulates and how the board adjusts. A space of infinite possibilities where you can test your mettle and intelligence

Download Kavel

TuneTrack [Gratis]:

Music statistics app

Music statistics app

What if we could see the statistics of our music anywhere and at any time? TuneTrack is the first application that allows us to do it for multiple music services in streaming.

Download TuneTrack

MovieMusic | Music For Videos [Gratis]:

Music app for your videos

Music app for your videos

MovieMusic has over 2000 pieces of movie score style orchestral music with emotional names like ‘love’, ‘joy’ and ‘sadness’, making it easy to express emotion suitable for video. Add all the music you want to your audiovisual creations.

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Download MovieMusic

Log launcher [Gratis]:

Log throwing game

Log throwing game

Simple and addictive game in which we must turn seemingly harmless objects into sharp weapons that we can launch. The shots are limited. We must ensure the shots to hit the target and try to get the maximum points from the jury.

Download Log Launcher

Greetings and we wait for you next week with the most outstanding premieres of the week, in the App Store.

Ciao !!!


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