New applications that we recommend you download on your iPhone and iPad

New apps for iPhone and iPad that have just arrived at the App Store

The compilation of the five arrives new apps highlights, arrivals at App Store in the last week. Surely some of them, if not all, you will download.

New apps for iOS

New apps for iOS

Manzana “Refresh” your app store and here we bring you the new apps. We share with you the most outstanding premieres of the last seven days.

You know that, week by week, we bring you the most downloaded applications on mondays free apps for a limited time highlights on Fridays and, on Thursdays, we share with you the most interesting new apps coming to the App Store.

This filtering is not easy. There are so many novelties that it is very difficult for us to select all the ones we would like. We always rely on them being useful, bringing something new and having good reviews in their few “days of life”.

New apps for iPhone and iPad:

Here we show you the most outstanding news, which have reached the App Store between July 23 and 30, 2020.

Pick Me – Random Picker [Gratis]:

App to make decisionsApp to make decisions

Decision making app

We are facing a wonderful application to make decisions and, also, to carry out raffles. Through different modes of random choice, we can enter all the variables we want and the app will select one of them in a completely random way. If you are an indecisive person, Pick me will help you decide.

Download Pick Me

FourSix Coffee Timer [Gratis]:

Prepare your coffee in the best possible wayPrepare your coffee in the best possible way

Prepare your coffee in the best possible way

FourSix is an app that helps you prepare coffee in a simple way. This app will create a custom recipe based on 2 simple questions: Do you like your coffee sweeter or brighter? And how strong do you like your coffee? Thanks to this it will tell you how you should prepare it.

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Download FourSix Coffee Timer

1sland [Gratis]:

Find the island in 1slandFind the island in 1sland

Find the island in 1sland

Simple and addictive game in which we will have to look for an island and find it before the other players. We will have tools to locate it, but do not think it is easy. An entertaining adventure with minimalist graphics that is causing a sensation.

Download 1sland

Dilims – Time zones app [2,29 €]:

Manage slotsManage slots

Manage time slots

Dilims allows you to display different bands in different time zones to quickly find other people’s local time. Add your coworkers’ work hours and quickly find overlapping times. Very useful for people who work in teams from different parts of the world.

Download Dilims

Arrog [2,29 €]:

Arrog Game for iOSArrog Game for iOS

Arrog game for iOS

New adventure loaded with puzzles with hand-drawn graphics and set in a black and white world. Our goal is to help a man walk his dreams as he learns to accept his own death.

Download Arrog

If you think that an app is missing in this list, do not hesitate to write it in the comments of this article. We will be very grateful for the contribution. It may be that with all the ones we see to write this post, some important one has passed us by.

Greetings and see you next week with new releases for your device iOS.

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