New applications that we recommend you download on your iPhone and iPad

New applications that we recommend you download on your iPhone and iPad

We show you five new apps highlights, arrivals during the last week at App Store. Surely some will download.

New applications in the App Store

New applications on the App Store

Thursday comes the premieres of apps on our website. The central day of the week in which we review all the New applications who have reached the app store of Manzana. From all of them we select the ones that seem the most interesting to us and here we bring them to you.

As usually happens, almost all are games but we always do a little more research, so as not to make this section so monotonous, and we bring you this week interesting applications that may come from pearls.

Without further ado, let’s go to the mess …

The most outstanding new iPhone applications of the week:

These are the most outstanding news, published in the App Store between June 4 and 11, 2020.

ATOM RPG [8,99 €]:

RPG Game for iPhoneRPG Game for iPhone

RPG game for iPhone

Magnificent RPG game in which our mission is to explore the wild and wonderful Soviet wilderness, to earn our place in the sun. Investigate a dark conspiracy, aimed at destroying all that is left of life on Earth.

Download ATOM RPG

Forte [Gratis]:

Habits AppHabits App

Habits app

New and interesting app to create habits. The FREE version of the app allows you to track up to 3 habits. To continue further, you will need to upgrade to Forte Premium

Download Forte

ChezzyCam [Gratis]:

App to photograph children and petsApp to photograph children and pets

App to photograph children and pets

If you are one of the people who have problems when drawing attention to a small child or pet, this friendly app will help you get the perfect photo for them.

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Download ChezzyCam

Small Town Murders: Match 3 [Gratis]:

Puzzle gamePuzzle game

Puzzle game

Detective game in which you must in which each crime is a puzzle. If you like type games CandycrushYou will love this one. That is, at the moment, it is only available in English, although you do not need to understand the language to play it. We hope you will translate it shortly.

Download Small Town Murders

Paint3r – Coloring in 3D [Gratis]:

Paint objects in 3DPaint objects in 3D

Paint objects in 3D

App for iPad that allows us to easily color 3D objects. It is an application that uses 3D canvases instead of normal 2D ones. As interesting as it is curious.

Download Paint3r

What did you think about the selection?. Have you downloaded any ?. If so, we would like you to tell us which one.

Without further ado, we say goodbye to you until next week with new iPhone and iPad applications.



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