New applications for iPhone. The most outstanding of the week

New applications for iPhone. The most outstanding of the week

We bring you the new apps Most outstanding arrivals at the App Store during the last week.

Featured news arriving at the App Store

Featured news arrivals at the App Store

We arrived at the equator of the week and with it came the section of the New applications most outstanding. A compilation in which we name weekly the premiere apps that we recommend you download on your devices iOS.

In the last seven days there have been interesting news that we are going to tell you below. As always, hundreds of apps have been released, but in APPerlas We have filtered them and we are left with the most interesting ones. We hope you are interested in them too.

New apps for iPhone and iPad:

Applications released between July 9 and 16, 2020, in the App Store.

World football manager [Gratis]:

Manager game for iPhoneManager game for iPhone

Manager game for iPhone

If you like football manager games, download this great news. Create your team, compete with players from all over the world, real-time simulation where you are the Technical Director and you have full control over the game. Earn trophies and scale in world rankings.

Download World Football Manager

REC – Pro Video Camera [5,49 €]:

App to record videosApp to record videos

App to record videos

REC It is designed with you in mind, whether you are experienced or not. In this application you will find tools to produce professional quality videos with simple and intuitive controls.

Download REC

Bird Alone [3,49 €]:

Interact with the parrotInteract with the parrot

Interact with the parrot

Application that allows you to talk to the parrot about life, compose music, draw and even write poetry. Interact with him to, little by little, create that virtual friend that you have always liked to have.

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Download Bird Alone

CRIME [Gratis]:

Puzzle and puzzle gamePuzzle and puzzle game

Puzzle and puzzle game

Use your logic to solve puzzles and investigate gruesome murder cases. Analyze clues and follow the trail to send those criminals to justice. An adventure that we recommend you download. It is in English but you don’t need to understand this language to play either. It is a fairly intuitive game.

Download CRIMO

Maze: path of light [3,49 €]:

Maze Path of Light Maze Path of Light

Maze Path of Light

The maze game that many of us hoped to download, one day, on our iPhone. It has circular, triangular, hexagonal or even some mazes with rabbit, guitar or tree shapes. If you were one of those who always did mazes in magazine hobbies, we recommend you download this game.

Download Maze

Without further ado we wait for you next week with the best new applications for iPhone and iPad.



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