New applications for iPhone, most outstanding of the week

Most downloaded apps on iPhone during the first week of 2021

Compilation with the new apps for iOS, more prominent. The best apps arrived in the last days to the App Store.

New apps and games for iOS

We talk about the best app releases of the week. Seven days in which there have been a multitude of launches and that we have filtered to tell you about the most outstanding ones.

We always try to bring you a little variety. Especially since most new apps are games. That is why we always look for something else to try to show applications from other categories. This week we have achieved it and, in addition to bringing games, we highlight tools that are sure to come in handy for you.

New highlights of the week:

Here we share the news that have landed on the App Store between January 28 and February 4, 2021.

AIMIsocial Media Marketing [Gratis]:

App to manage marketing campaigns

App to manage marketing campaigns

A new application that allows us to automatically manage social media marketing campaigns thanks to an artificial intelligence marketing interface. It is designed to help entrepreneurs and small businesses increase brand recognition, loyalty and engage with a wider audience, without adding more hours to their day.

Download AIMIsocial

Iris.Fall [5,49 €]:

Iris.Fall game for iPhone

Iris.Fall game for iPhone

Great game for iPhone Y iPad, which we recommend you download. An intriguing adventure full of mystery that will surely catch you for a while. Another of the apps that we could add to our compilation of shadow games, since the lights and shadows are the protagonists of the wonderful graphics of the app. It costs € 5.49, a money that we recommend you spend if you are looking for a very good game to spend your leisure hours.

Download Iris.Fall

TechniCalc Calculator [8,99 €]:

Scientific calculator for iPhone

Scientific calculator for iPhone

TechniCalc it is a calculator as functional as it is beautiful. The modern interface that breaks the stereotype of traditional pocket calculators. Equations are entered naturally, respecting every detail of handwritten math. It has an advanced math engine that makes it unique.

Download TechniCalc Calculator

Playdeo Makes [Gratis]:

App for children

App for kids

Hang out and use your imagination with Avo and his friends in his cozy London street. In it you can draw and create fun and interesting characters, help Avo to solve the math questions, see if you can guess what he is drawing Avo. A very interesting application to make the little ones in the house interact with the English language.

Download Playdeo Makes

Elastic Slap [Gratis]:

Slapping game for iPhone

Slap Game for iPhone

New set of Ketchapp, an expert developer in simple and addictive games, in which we will have to distribute slaps to overcome levels. A magnificent game with which to unleash our adrenaline.

Download Elastic Slap

As always, the best new applications and games you will find in APPerlas. We make a manual selection of the best of all the premieres of the week.

Greetings and see you next week with new applications for your iOS device.


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