New applications for iPhone and iPad, which have reached the App Store

The NEW highlights for iPhone of the week

We bring you the best five new apps for devices iOS, which have hit the App Store in the last week.

More interesting news from the App Store

Like every Thursday, we review the New applications who have reached the App Store. We take a look at all of them and we name you the five best so that you will be among the first to download and try them.

This week we bring you games, widget apps… A compilation that we advise you not to miss. Surely some of the applications that we are going to share with you below will interest you.

New apps for iPhone and iPad:

These applications and games have been released in the App Store, between December 3 and 10, 2020.

Giblins: Fantasy Builder [Gratis]:

Giblins gameGiblins game

Giblins game

In this exciting adventure we will have to build our own castle. Characters of all kinds will travel to purchase merchandise from our store and enjoy the comfort of the castle. They will eat, drink and have fun in your party room, tavern or theater. Then relax after a long day at work … while the giblins hit the corn underground.

Download Giblins

WWE Undefeated [Gratis]:

WWE for iPhone

WWE for iPhone

Fighting game for iPhone that you will love. Combine fast-paced arcade-style action with the tactical depth of an RPG. Collect and upgrade your wrestling techniques to create your WWE Superstar’s arsenal and dominate your opponents.

Download WWE Undefeated

League of Legends: Wild Rift [Gratis]:

League of Legends for iOS

League of Legends for iOS

Come in and enjoy the skills and strategies of a MOBA 5v5 typical of League of Legends, created from scratch for iPhone. With fluid controls and fast-paced games, team up with friends, choose your champions, and shine with big plays.

Download League of Legends

Retro Widget 2 [2,29 €]:

Retro Widgets for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Retro Widgets for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Explore the new Retro Widget that includes the game Snake II original and a Widget that if you are a few years old … YOU WILL LOVE IT !!!

Download Retro Widget 2

Iris and the Giant [6,99 €]:

Card game for iOS

Card game for iOS

Trading card game with role-playing elements and roguelike. We will be Iris and we will have to face our fears in a world created in his imagination. A GAME that fans of this type of adventure will surely like very much.

Download Iris and the Giant

Without further ado and hoping that you liked this article, we are waiting for you shortly with new apps, news, tutorials for… your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch….



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