New applications for iPhone and iPad that we recommend you try

The best FREE apps, for a limited time, of the moment for iPhone

We bring you five new apps for iOS most outstanding among all the premieres produced during the last seven days.

New apps and games for iOS

The equator of the week arrives and with it, the compilation of new apps for iPhone and iPad that we recommend you download. Be among the first to install and discover them.

This week we bring you five very interesting apps that we encourage you, at least, to try. Games, photography apps … a compilation that will not leave you indifferent.

New apps for iPhone and iPad:

These are the applications and games released in the App Store, between December 10 and 17, 2020.

Dialer for WhatsApp [Gratis]:

App Dialer for WhatsApp

App Dialer for WhatsApp

Dialer for WhatsApp allows us to send messages from WhatsApp to numbers that we do not have added in our contacts. Have you ever added a contact just to use WhatsApp with the?. So, this is your app.

Download Dialer for WhatsApp

Prizefighters 2 [Gratis]:

Retro boxing game for iPhone and iPad

Retro boxing game for iPhone and iPad

Retro boxing game in which we start as an amateur and after training and training and we will climb the rankings to become champion. But once we are the champion, the game does not end there, it becomes much more difficult.

Download Prizefighters 2

ProStyle Camera by NeuralCam [Gratis]:

Photo editor for iOS

Photo editor for iOS

The artificial intelligence engine of ProStyle learn from professional photographers and use artificial intelligence to edit our photos like a photographer would. We can choose from 8 free editing styles created by NeuralCam or buy one of the many styles created by the best photographers from around the world.

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Download ProStyle Camera

Star Wars: KOTOR II [16,99 €]:

New Star Wars Adventure for iOS

New Star Wars Adventure for iOS

It leaves tomorrow, December 18 and it is a great game where with the Order Jedi in ruins, the Republic’s only hope lies in a Jedi loner trying to reconnect with the Force. In the skin of this Jedi, we will face the most terrible decision in the universe: stay on the light side or succumb to the dark side …

Download Star Wars: KOTOR II

Marvel Kingdom of Superheroes [Gratis]:

Marvel Kingdom of Superheroes Game for iOS

Marvel Kingdom of Superheroes game for iOS

Experience a new interpretation of the Universe Marvel and discover the secrets of the new planet World of Battle. We must customize our superhero with weapons and equipment, and team up with our friends in real-time action fights.

Download Marvel Kingdom of Superheroes

If more, we hope you have been interested in this selection of new applications and see you next week with new releases for your device iOS.



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