New applications for iPhone and iPad that we recommend you download

New applications for iPhone and iPad that we recommend you download

We show you five new apps most outstanding, arrivals during the last week at the App Store. Surely some of you will download.

New apps on the App Store

The Thursday of the new apps arrives on our website. The central day of the week in which we review all the New applications that have made it to the Apple app store. From all of them we select the ones that seem the most interesting to us and here we bring them to you.

This week we bring you some quite interesting applications and games as well as being new. Among them, concentration and relaxation games, as well as applications that can be quite useful in your day-to-day life.

New top iPhone and iPad apps and games of the week:

These are the most outstanding news, published in the App Store between July 15-22, 2021.

Astr! [2,29€]

This game is one in which we have to have mole concentration. It is an experience that wants to challenge us to avoid as many obstacles as possible throughout colorful and striking worlds. Will you get it?

new apps astr!


Download Astr!

Evergreen: Relationship Growth [Gratis]

It is an application that wants us to improve our relationships, especially those of a couple. It focuses on those couples who want to connect more deeply in order to communicate more effectively and thus improve their intimacy and moments alone. All this with just a few minutes of dedication a day.

new apps evergreen relationship

Evergreen: Relationship Growth

Download Evergreen: Relationship Growth

HUE2 [0,49€]

An interesting puzzle game that wants us to relax and concentrate while playing it. According to its own creators, by placing the different colored cubes we will see how we obtain calm, peace, and a feeling of harmony.

new apps hue2


Download HUE2

Auto Location Keyboard [Gratis]

A keyboard for our iPhone and iPad that brings us a new way of sharing locations. We can do it almost automatically when we need it, saving time every time we share our location.

new apps auto location keyborad

Auto Location Keyboard

Download Auto Location Keyboard

Inside the lines [5,49]

This is not framed neither in game nor in an application as such. It is a concept in which we can color different drawings to our liking and save them on our device for whatever we want.

new app inside the lines

Inside the lines

Download Inside The Lines

What did you think about the selection?. Have you downloaded any ?. If so, we would like you to tell us which one.

Without further ado, we say goodbye to you until next week with new applications for iPhone and iPad.


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