New applications for iPhone. The most outstanding of the week

New applications and games that have come to iPhone and iPad [5-11-2020]

We talk about the new apps and games who have reached the App Store. We already have them available to enjoy from our iPhone Y iPad. What are you waiting to try them?

New apps and games on the App Store

Let’s go with the new apps highlights of the week, arrivals to the app store of Manzana. Five very interesting news that we encourage you, at least, to try.

Every Thursday we review the app releases that come to ios and we name the most outstanding ones. This week all the featured releases are games. We haven’t come across any new app or tool, decent to be named in this section. That is why we bring you the best games released during the last 7 days.

New top apps coming to iPhone and iPad:

These are the most outstanding and published premieres in the App Store between October 29 and November 5, 2020.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: HW [5,49 €]:

Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted for iPhone and iPad

Horror game in which we will have to face a large collection of minigames set in the universe of Five nights. We will have to survive terrifying encounters with our murderous animatronics. If you suffer from the heart, you better not download it.

Download Five Nights at Freddy’s

Badlanders [Gratis]:

Badlanders for iOSBadlanders for iOS

Badlanders for iOS

25 badlanders participate in the battle. We have to destroy our enemies to take their loot or build, slowly, an arsenal with the chests scattered throughout the map. If you like Shooters kind Call of duty Y Fortnite, test it. You’re going to love it.

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Download Badlanders

Tales of the Neon Sea [4,49 €]:

Tales of the Neon Sea game for iPhone and iPad

Tales of the Neon Sea game for iPhone and iPad

Puzzle game in a world where God is a semi-mechanical being who is manipulating destiny. We must fight our way through the rebels lurking in the dark, through the chaotic slums and dangerous underworld, to find the clues and finish our work.

Download Tales of the Neon Sea

MMCRacing [Gratis]:

MMCRacing is a car game for iPhone

MMCRacing is a car game for iPhone

If you like car racing games We bring you one that you must, at least, try. We will conduct the calls “Muscle cars” American and Australian classics from the late 60s to the 90s. We will race through mountain roads, turned into makeshift race tracks. We will have to master the skills of driving old sports cars with which it seems that we are driving tanks.

Download MMCRacing

Sheep Squad [Gratis]:

Sheep Squad for iPhone and iPad

Sheep Squad for iPhone and iPad

Play with sheep transformed into tough soldiers, in this strategy game in which we have to combine artillery and arrow shots in an intense action game that will undoubtedly catch you.

Download Sheep Squad

Yes more and hoping that you have liked the news of this week, we are waiting for you next week with new releases for your device ios.


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