New AirPods in sight. Apple will give us a joy soon

New AirPods in sight.  Apple will give us a joy soon

It is rumored that Manzana is preparing two new releases: AirPods 3 Y AirPods Pro 2. They say they will come out this year and next year, respectively.

Airpods 2 and PRO

The most copied wireless headphones in history, the Airpods, finally they are going to renew. Its design has been crying out for a change for a while now, really. They say that the normal ones are going to look like the Pro, with the “stem” much shorter. What is not clear is the design of the Pro.

Manzana could make them cheaper. Not all of us are sound professionals and some of us are not looking to spend more than € 50 in headphones with which to listen to a movie, without disturbing, our favorite podcast and some music to brighten our day. And already put to order, it could include color. White is fine, but it is very boring.

Opinion on the different Airpods models:

It is true that AirPods are good, that the sound is unique and that they relate very well to the other products of Manzana, but they are still very expensive for what they really are: wireless headphones.

90% of users of AirPods They do it for the name, for convenience, and for interaction with their other devices, not for understanding spatial sound or Hi-fi. But they have to pay 200 € for something that they will not appreciate, when what they want is to enjoy a good sound and little else.

They could throw the AirPods Air. It is true that there are normals, Pro and the Max, and that supposedly the normal ones and the pro ones are for different types of users … I have both, and the difference is minimal, even in the price. And let’s not talk about the € 629 of the Max.

I think they are not so bad. They are good, but it depends on your needs. Spend between € 179 Y € 279 In top headphones it is not the best, if your use is limited to music in the subway, a podcast and a series of Netflix, if you use them professionally, or continuously to make calls, and be with them all day, use the Pro or the Max.

I have the Airpods 2 and the Pro. The Pro gave them to me and I hardly use them, really. I use the 2 and because the 1, which I used until two weeks ago, broke, if not…. I use them for their compatibility with devices Manzana and because I found an offer in Amazon that if not, possibly, I would have bought cheaper ones.

Since there are Pro and the Max, Manzana could you lower the “normals” and leave them for the general public… and add more colors to the white, please. What do you think?

By the way, I have had the opportunity to test the AirPods Max. If you are interested in my opinion about them, tell me and I’ll tell you.


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