Netflix is ​​testing an audio-only mode in its app

Netflix is ​​testing an audio-only mode in its app

The series and movies service Netflix you are testing and planning to add a way to enjoy audio-only series to your app.

Netflix is ​​testing a new feature in its app

Who else and who least knows the platform Netflix, the most popular series and movies platform. And although it may seem like a platform that can add little news, today we know that you are testing a new feature in your application.

This is an audio-only feature in which images on the screen go into the background. What he proposes with this function is something as simple as it sounds: that users only listen to the series as if it were a Podcast.

This Netflix feature seems to be intended for people who have vision problems

But this feature is not just that. Apparently the series will not only reproduce the audio they contain with the dialogues and noises. It will also reproduce the narration of scenes and environments to put users in a situation of what is happening.

Furthermore, it seems that it would also be possible lock devices screen, which would reduce battery consumption and, by playing only the audio, the data consumption would also be reduced since the app would not have to use the data to broadcast the series as such.


One of Netflix’s features

While this audio-only feature of Netflix in the purest style Podcast it could be used by all users, it seems to be designed for people who have vision problems more than for other users because of all that it implies.

At the moment, as we say, this curious function is in test mode on some operating systems and only for a few users. It is still too early to know if Netflix will add it to your application permanently. What do you think of this function? Would you use it if it was finally available?


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