NEO BALL, a futuristic “table football” for our iPhone or iPad

NEO BALL, a futuristic "table football" for our iPhone or iPad

NEO BALL is a game that is very reminiscent of a table football but in a much more futuristic format and with lots of neon lights.

Fun game for iPhone or iPad

He App Store is a space where we can find applications for all tastes. And one of its main sections is games. There are also them for all tastes, and today we are talking about a very striking one called NEO: BALL.

In this game we will face other rivals. But the interesting thing about this game, in addition to winning the games, is the playing field on which it takes place. And it is that it is quite reminiscent of a kind of football or Air hockey very futuristic.

NEO BALL is very reminiscent of a futuristic foosball or Air Hockey

In this board our mission is to score a certain number of goals to the rival. To do this, we will control a small pill, pressing to the left or right of the screen, and we have to make the ball go towards the rival goal by hitting it.

neo ball game foosball 3

The game board

In addition, throughout the games boosters and abilities will appear that we will have to collect. These boosters will give us a certain advantage for a certain time, and we can use them to make beating rivals much easier.

When we have scored the number of goals we need to win the “match”, the game will end. By winning, we will get coins, more or less depending on the league, and this will help us to continue since we need coins to enter the games.

neo ball game foosball 2

Various of customizations

Also, as usual in this type of game, we can customize the tablet we control. And, when we win, we will not receive envelopes either and in them there will be aspects, in addition to other rewards, with which to change the design of the tablet.

NEO BALL It is a game that can be downloaded for free although it has some integrated purchases. We recommend downloading it since we are sure that it will catch your attention and you will like it.

Download this futuristic “table football” for your iPhone or iPad


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