My opinion on the Apple Watch. I can not live without him

My opinion on the Apple Watch.  I can not live without him

I give you my opinion about him Apple watch, a device that has become indispensable in my day to day.

Apple Watch Series 6

At first it overwhelmed me, in fact I took it off a couple of times because I didn’t like that feeling a vibration every so often, but now the Apple watch it is essential for me.

I don’t burden myself, like many people I know, with the subject of doing the right exercise and closing the activity rings and standing. If I close them I’m glad, but it’s not something important to me. I don’t put it on the girl to run. What does reassure me a lot is knowing that I have a small doctor with me: that of controlling my oxygen, my heart rate, my sleep, and the control of thousands of little things, I love it and it gives me a lot of peace of mind. I like to know that my health is fine. Unfortunately I have had close health problems and the clock is of great use.

If the rumors about the Apple Watch Series 7 are confirmed … it will be beautiful:

In September we will see the new smartwatches of Manzana, the Apple Watch 7. Two watches, or one with several colors, that will make a big change like the new ones have done iMac.

The rumors say, well it says so Jon Prosser (Apple analyst and company information guru), that he Apple Watch 7 will renew its design and will look like the iPhone 12. It will have a more square design.

Render of the future Apple Watch Series 7

Render of the future Apple Watch Series 7

I don’t know if it will be right, yes Prosser You will be right, although if we see the latest products from Manzana it is not unreasonable to think that it may be true. The iPad, the iPhone, the iMac they have square edges. Missing Apple watch.

Personally I think that, if so, the new series of this watch will be the most beautiful that it has designed Manzana in a while.

According to the Health App, the new Watch would have the ability to measure blood sugar. The truth is that this would be a great advance in personal monitoring issues, especially for people with diabetes.

Specialized people see in the iPhone mauve a tribute to Steve Jobs, for the 10th anniversary of his death, but I see that square-edged design as a true tribute that no one talks about. A tribute to one of Apple’s great phones, in terms of design, that impressed the buyer and for which Jobs bet 100%, and of the last in which Jobs he was fully involved in its design. This was the Iphone 5s. The iPhone 12 and the products launched lately follow that design line. That is why I think that the true tribute is this and that the idea is not far-fetched.

Don’t you think?


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