My First self-made python project(Sqli exploiter)

My First self-made python project(Sqli exploiter)

This is my first self made python project, It is tested with low security levels of bWapp and sqlilab(Less1-4). I tried to make it work with dvwa at the end, but the whole code was getting very complex so i left it. You can change url in the last lines of the code in url variable and you can enter cookies in the very first function. At the end i lost the motivation to continue that’s why i left this kind of uncompleted. I felt this project isn’t teaching me anything new, It’s just hardcoding payloads. I don’t even feel very good about it, after so much efforts I got nothing. Please someone check it out once and also suggest me some new projects in which i can learn more and it’s more interesting not just filter bypassing with payloads

Tool -> [](

Though I’m kind of happy that at least it works with 2 labs.


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