My first phishing GitHub repo and project!!!

# [Fish 1.1.0](

## About

Fish is a phishing tool that inhabits a collection of webpages *(currently only Outlook)*. It tries to replicate webpages as closely as possible for a hard to distinguish phishing page.

## Outlook

* Up-to-date outlook phishing page.
* Easily configurable, with a startup script.
* Has a menu that can be used to select the up-coming options (with color!).
* Can use any domain including but not limited to `Ngrok`, `Freenom`, `GoDaddy` etc.
* Has built-in option to install and use ngrok for a free public domain.
* Uses flask. Has options in the start-up script to configure the host and port.

## Example:

[The menu](

## Be sure to check it out, I do not earn anything and I just want to learn how to code. If you contribute that would be awesome. If you liked it (this is my first repo/project) please star the repo so it gets recommended to more people and more contributions


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