My experience of using the iPhone 12 Pro Max and my final verdict

My experience of using the iPhone 12 Pro Max and my final verdict

We show you the experience of using the iPhone 12 Pro Max after testing it from the date of its launch to the current date.

My experience of using the iPhone 12 Pro Max

Today I’m going to talk about my experience of using the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Ideal if you are thinking of buying this device or simply in case you want to know how it works.

When a new Apple device comes out, we always want to know how it is and how it performs. We search and search the net for any article or any video in which they inform us a little more about this new device. And we like to know if it is really worth it or not.

Well, this article is going to give you my point of view and my experience with the device, which I have since it went on sale.

Use experience with iPhone 12 Pro Max

So that this article is complete and can inform you 100% of how this device works, its thing is that we divide it into parts and tell you in each one, the important or specific part of this iPhone. And finally I will finish with my point of view … more personal.

Therefore, we will divide this article into three parts, which for me are the most important. These will be: Display, battery and camera. So let’s get to it!


From my point of view, with a 6.7 ′ screen I can say that this is the best that Apple has designed. Visually it is amazing, watching multimedia content is incredible. The quality we have in the palm of our hand is only describable if you can see it in person.

With this large screen, you can come to ask yourself that you may still have a device that is too large. But the truth is that when you turn it on and start using it, what you think about is …Why haven’t I had this in my hands before?

iPhone screen iPhone screen

This is how big the iPhone 12 Pro Max feels in your hand

And it is that without a doubt, something really remarkable about the iPhone 12 Pro Max is its screen, but especially its inches. If you are a lover of large phones, without a doubt this is yours. But if you don’t like them so big… I advise you to go to a store and try it, because your opinion will change in a matter of seconds.

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I don’t like to focus on technical data or how many pixels we have or anything like that. I want to share my experience, as if I was telling my best friend, and I want to show how I feel every time I use this device. So neither now, nor throughout the article, are we going to see technical data, because we can see all of them in the apple page.

IPhone 12 Pro Max Battery:

For me, one of the things that made me opt for this device is undoubtedly the battery. It is true that I like large iPhones, I already had a 6S Plus in its day and I loved the experience. Within this experience, there was that of the battery life.

We are going to focus on the battery of this iPhone 12 Pro Max. And it is that, I am not lying to you, if I tell you that it is something really spectacular. I can say and assure, that I get to bed at night, with a 55-60% battery… Having unplugged the iPhone at 6:30 in the morning.

I like to always leave the house with 100% battery power, that’s why I always charge my iPhone at night. Also, by activating the optimized load, my iPhone already knows when I go to bed and when I get up, so it does not suffer at all. Also, it is always better to charge the iPhone when it is in the middle, than to let it run out.

But looking at the data that I am seeing these weeks, I can say with certainty that this iPhone lasts 2 days without having to go through the charger. In addition, I make a normal use of this … which is to view social networks, answer messages, watch series …

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To get an idea of ​​the potential of this battery … on my iPhone I have two lines and I use two WhatsApp applications. Well, even using all this, the iPhone does not suffer at all, as I have said, it arrives at night with a 50-60% battery. Of course, you have to know how to optimize all the resources of the iPhone and know what you have or do not have to activate.

battery on device battery in device

IPhone 12 Pro Max battery data

So I can say and confirm, that it is the best battery that I have seen in an iPhone, and that without a doubt, with normal day-to-day use … you do not finish it.


We arrived at TOP section of this device. I think I have fallen in love with the camera on this iPhone. I thought I had seen it all with the cameras and the portrait mode of the iPhone X … but how wrong I was.

Without a doubt, it is the jewel in the crown. When you have this device in your hand, you turn it and you see those three cameras with the LIDAR included, you know something big is coming. And indeed, once you open the camera, you see that it has a brutal quality.

What has caught my attention the most and that continues to surprise me today, is the night mode. It is amazing The photos he takes with hardly any light, what’s more, I have taken photos in the dark and without flash… and they are the bomb. I leave you an example:

night mode

mode night

The portrait mode of this iPhone is infinitely better than that of the iPhone X, it has nothing to do with it. Thanks to the LIDAR, we see that the cut is perfect, the effect it produces is sublime. With the possibility of playing with the background gradient.

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In short, we have an iPhone with a triple camera, which takes incredible photographs. But not only in broad daylight … he does them in the dark.

My verdict:

To finish, and to make my point of view clear. I come from an iPhone x, which is a device that works like a charm. But when I picked up the 12 Pro Max and started using it, what I felt is that the iPhone flies. Everything opens faster, applications barely load when opening.

I can’t share my experience with games, because I don’t like to play on the iPhone, I think that each device has its function and that of an iPhone is not to play. But the few games that I have triedI’ve been given 3 months of Apple Arcade), they work really well and are very fluid.

Therefore, and to end this small analysis, I can say that this iPhone is today the best iPhone I have ever owned. I remember again, that I come from an iPhone X, that I go to the movies.

So if you are thinking of making the leap to this “cucumber”, I wouldn’t think about it for another second. I would have my doubts, if you come from an iPhone 11 Pro, since I think you will not notice hardly any difference, except for some other improvement in the camera, such as the night mode (a hallucinate). But if you have an X or lower, don’t hesitate and go for it.

And so far everything I can tell you about this iPhone 12 Pro Max, in these three weeks of use that I have been with it. But, You can ask me any questions or doubts you have about it, which I will answer without any problem.


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