My Cute Wordpress Smiley / Emoticon for free

My Cute WordPress Smiley / Emoticon for free

This time I will share my cute wordpress smiley / emoticon for free. As we know, wordpress allows you to insert smileys in articles or comments. But you may get bored or want to replace the smiley face with cuter or funnier pictures. There are so many free emoticon packs available on the internet. If you are using wordpress for your blog, you need to download smiley packs for wordpress, get one here. To replace the old default wordpress smiley face, simply upload your new smiley face pack to wp-understands / images / smileys. It will automatically replace the old smileys and display a new one. If not, erase your browser cache.

Actually, you can define each smiley / emoticon with your favorite images. Like using an animated (gif) file, it will be more fun and interesting. All you need to do is prepare your image and rename the file to the default wordpress smiley name. Find it in the wp-includes / images / smilies directory and view it. Here is my new wordpress emoticon:

Keep in mind that the wordpress smiley will be replaced after every wordpress update. Always make a backup of your smiley face and replace it with your own. You can also download my wordpress emoticon here. It’s free!

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