Movie baddies can’t use iPhone

Movie baddies can't use iPhone

When a production company launches a production, large or small, it faces millions of vested interests by the brands that sponsor that event. The conditions they usually face are very wide and varied, for example Manzana it has an imposition: the bad guys in the movies cannot use, under any circumstances, a product of them.

Actor with iPhone (Image:

Manzana is aware of the importance that the appearance of smartphones may have before an audiovisual work that is going to reach millions of people and would have tried to put restrictions in the field of β€œproduct placement”. The “product placement”Is an advertising format that includes the appearance of brands or products in movies, series, etc., which can be shown clearly or in a more veiled way, almost subliminally.

The company from the block would not be for the work of the “bad guys”, of the celluloid world, carry a iPhone and can stain the image of their smartphones or associate it with negative values. This was revealed by the director of “Daggers in the back” Y “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, Rian Johnson, in an interview with the magazine Vanity fair.

Movie villains don’t use iPhones:

The truth is that if I were a company how ManzanaNor would I let “the bad guys” from a movie or series use my product. It would make him look mean and dishonest, and that would not be a good strategy for marketing from any company.

The bad thing is that by having this position, it is that when we are watching a movie in which there is another type of telephone, we already know which is the bad guy of the tape. Although I suppose that the directors will have also thought that and they will not put two different types of telephones, so as not to spoil the film or the series.

What do you think of the subject? It is interesting, don’t you think?


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