Most downloaded iPhone apps of the week [14-12-2020]

MOST DOWNLOADED apps of the week on iPhone and iPad [7-9-2020]

We bring you the Most downloaded iPhone and iPad apps of the week, Worldwide. Five apps that have been the most installed, by device users iOS, in the last seven days.

Most downloaded App Store apps of the week

Very good pearls, here we are again at the bottom of the canyon doing a sweep through all top downloads of the App Store most influential on the planet. Applications that have been the most downloaded and that we mention them so that you know what they are and how the app market is doing in iOS.

This week games, apps for learning, an antistress app and a tool that will allow us to get up in the morning with more energy have triumphed. Without a doubt, a compilation that you should not miss.

Most downloaded iPhone and iPad apps:

These are the five most outstanding apps, among all the most downloaded among the December 7 to 13, 2020.

League of Legends: Wild Rift:

LOL: Wild Rift

LOL: Wild Rift

It recently arrived on the App Store and is being a sensation. The skills and strategies of a typical MOBA 5v5 of League of Legends, created from scratch to iPhone. Team up with friends, choose your champions and shine with great plays.

Download League of Legends

Socratic by Google:

Socratic for iOSSocratic for iOS

Socratic for iOS

Wonderful app for students of all ages and educational institutions since we can solve our doubts and learn thanks to our iPhone, iPad or iPod. A application that allows us to learn in a different way. It will read our questions and show us the most suitable results.

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Download Socratic

Shortcut Run:

Very addictive game for iPhone

Very addictive game for iPhone

We have already mentioned this game sometime in this section but it is that it is hitting it. Simple and addictive, we can fight boredom when it hits us waiting for the subway, bus, the doctor…. If Christmas icon seems to be drawing a lot of attention and is one of the games of the moment in half the world.

Download Shortcut Run

Antistress – relaxation toys:

App against stressApp against stress

App against stress

Fantastic app made up of a lot of objects and games, with which to fight stress. Surely you will find a way to control those moments of nervousness, with some of the alternatives that this complete anti-stress app offers you.

Download Antistress

Sleep Cycle – Sleep Tracker:

App to wake up better in the morning

App to wake up better in the morning

As stated in the description of the App Store, Sleep Cycle is a smart alarm clock that tracks our sleep patterns and wakes us up during light sleep. It is a natural way to wake up with which we will feel rested and full of energy throughout the day.

Download Sleep Cycle

This is all. Next week we will return with the most downloaded apps in iOS for the next seven days.



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