Most downloaded apps on iPhone, during the last 7 days [17-8-2020]

New applications that we recommend you download on your iPhone and iPad

Compilation of the Most downloaded apps on iPhone and iPad, worldwide, during the last week.

Most downloaded app

Most downloaded app

A new week of 2020 begins and we bring you, as every Monday, the most downloaded apps worldwide. We review the top downloads of the App Store most influential on the planet and we show you the most prominent in this weekly article.

This week they are again, among the most downloaded, applications that we have already talked about in previous weeks. Scribble rider, Reface and the known Geocaching They appear again at the top of the charts. But in order not to make us repetitive, we name you others that are hitting it worldwide.

Most downloaded apps of the week on iPhone and iPad:

Here we mention the most outstanding applications among all the most downloaded among the August 10 and 16, 2020.

Gacha Club:

Gacha Club App

Gacha Club App

Create your own anime-style characters and dress them up in your favorite fashion outfits. Choose from thousands of dresses, shirts, hairstyles, weapons and much more. After designing your characters, enter the studio and create any scene you can imagine.

Download Gacha Club

To paint:

Fun and addictive game for iPhone

Fun and addictive game for iPhone

Simple, fun and addictive game in which we must paint and create fantastic geometric shapes in a way that, at least for me, relaxes me. Go ahead and install one of the most downloaded apps of the moment.

Download to paint

Zello Walkie Talkie:

Walkie-Talkie App for iPhone

Walkie-Talkie App for iPhone

The app of Walkie-talkie par excellence. Without a doubt the best you can find in the App Store. With it, you can be in contact with your loved ones, friends, colleagues … in a super simple way. It also has rooms where you can talk about any topic with anyone in the world.

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Download Zello Walkie Talkie

Brain Wash !:

Puzzle game for iOS

Puzzle game for iOS

Train your brain with unique and fun puzzles. One of the most downloaded applications of the week in countries like the US, England, Switzerland, Sweden….

Download Brain Wash!

Build Roads:

Construction game for iOS

Construction game for iOS

The city has a big problem. The roads are horrible and the traffic unbearable. The mayor has hired us to build and repair all the roads in the city. Let’s take this opportunity to upgrade our company headquarters and earn a lot of money.

Download Build Roads

Without further ado and hoping that you have found the apps that we have highlighted interesting, we are waiting for you next week with the top app of the week, worldwide.



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