Most downloaded apps of the week. They are the sensation in half the world

Most downloaded apps of the week.  They are the sensation in half the world

We bring you the fashion applications. The Most downloaded apps on iPhone and iPad during the last seven days. A compilation that will bring you up to date with what is going on in the App Store of half the world.

Most downloaded apps of the week

We begin the last Monday of spring in 2021 with the review at most downloaded apps of the week. A week in which applications that we have already named in previous weeks have returned to be top downloads.

That is why, as we always do, we are not going to talk about them as it would be very monotonous. That is why we have searched among the most installed and named new games and tools for you to enjoy what, right now, is in fashion in half the world.

Most downloaded apps of the week on iPhone and iPad:

Here the most downloaded apps from June 7-13, 2021.

Voilà AI Artist Editor [Gratis]:

Voilà AI Artist Editor

Voilà AI Artist Editor App

Fun app that combines human creativity and artificial intelligence to turn your photos into funny cartoons and surprising masterpieces. A very interesting and curious application that we encourage you to try.

Download Voilà AI Artist Editor

Glitché [0,49 €]:


Glitché App

A fantastic photo and video editor, which allows you to create fantastic cutting-edge effects with your photos and videos.

Download Glitché

Fantasy and UEFA Quiniela [Gratis]:

Fantasy and UEFA Pool for iPhone

UEFA Fantasy and Quiniela for iPhone

We are in the middle of the European Championship and many lovers of the beautiful game have downloaded this app with which to put their football knowledge to the test. Live with the excitement of the tournament with Fantasy and Quiniela games. In Fantasy Football choose a squad of 15 stars of EURO 2020, do not go beyond the transfer budget of 100 million euros, change your line-up every day to get points based on the real performances of the players, get extra points with the Wildcard and Limitless and challenge your friends, family and colleagues with private leagues. You can also play the tournament pool predicting how the tournament or each of the matches of this event will develop.

Download UEFA Fantasy and Quiniela

Adorable House [Gratis]:

Adorable house

Adorable house

This game is a passive and relaxing experience. Come back and check the game every two hours to see something new, gather some love, and continue to furnish your home. Without a doubt, a highly recommended game. We, like many other users, are hooked.

Download Adorable House

Soul Crush: Kongfu World [Gratis]:

Enjoy free air combat, with full 3D view and extensive game map. Create your own legend in this land. Unlimited boss instances and defensive faction battles, fight multiple bosses and break your limit. Each partner has their own unique abilities – guide them to improve together and fill the battle with their own style.

Download Soul Crush

Without further ado, we hope to have shared apps that you have found of interest. Remember that if they are the most downloaded worldwide, it will be for a reason.

Greetings and until next week.


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