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Most downloaded apps of the week. They are sensation in half the world

by David
Most downloaded apps of the week. They are sensation in half the world

We bring you the fashion applications. The Most downloaded apps on iPhone and iPad for the past seven days. A compilation that will update you on what is happening in the App Store from half the world.

Most downloaded apps of the week

Most downloaded apps of the week

We begin the last Monday of spring 2020 with a review of the most downloaded applications of the week. A week in which they have returned to be top downloads applications that we have already named in previous weeks.

That is why, as we always do, we are not going to talk about them since it would be very monotonous. That is why we have searched among the most installed and named new games and tools so that you can enjoy what, right now, is fashionable in half the world.

Go for it…

Most downloaded apps of the week on iOS:

Here the most downloaded apps of the June 8-14, 2020.

Tangle Master 3D [Gratis]:

Knot SetKnot Set

Knot game

Just relax your brain, untangle all the knots and have fun with this simple and addictive game to iPhone.

Download Tangle Master 3D

My Talking Tom: Friends [Gratis]:

Play My Talking TomPlay My Talking Tom

Game My Talking Tom

This new sequel to the famous My Talking Tom, comes to amuse everyone. Take care and accompany Talking tom, Angela, Hank, Ginger, Ben and Becca who have moved into their new home. Indispensable for all those people who have played a previous sequel.

Download My Talking Tom

Slay the Spire [10,99 €]:

Card game for iOSCard game for iOS

Card game for iOS

Card games merged with the genre roguelike, with which you can create your deck and discover fantastic creatures and relics that are full of power. If you are a lover of this type of adventure, do not hesitate and download it. It is having very good reviews, especially in USA., where it has been among the most downloaded of the week.

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Download Slay the Spire

FaceApp – Selfie Editor [Gratis]:

App FaceAppApp FaceApp

FaceApp App

Reload this controversial app. This time because it allows us to create, in the image and likeness, our different gender selves. If you are a boy it will show you the image of how you would be a girl and if you are a girl it will show you how you will be a boy. An app that, we repeat, is dangerous since it has risks related to our privacy.

Download FaceApp

Photoshop Camera [Gratis]:

PhotoShop Camera ScreenshotsPhotoShop Camera Screenshots

PhotoShop Camera screenshots

The new Photoshop app It is amazing. It has all the filters, algorithms, fusions, tools … that we need to create magnificent compositions. Very much like Clips, is one of the most downloaded applications worldwide, in recent days.

Download Photoshop Camera

Without further ado, we hope we have shared apps that you found interesting. Remember that if they are the most downloaded worldwide, there will be a reason.

Greetings and until next week.

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