Most downloaded apps of the week, on the App Store

FREE APPS for iPhone. Today's highlights [3-7-2020]

We tell you what are the most downloaded apps Worldwide, during the last seven days. Five apps that we recommend you download on your iPhone because they are very interesting and fun.

Top weekly downloads

We are about to enter Christmas and that is also noticeable in the App Store. This week, between Most downloaded apps on iPhone and iPad, highlight social games to play with the family. You can tell that we are entering a time of relaxation, family, rest … and, yes, always taking into account the rules that the damn pandemic imposes on us.

We recommend you try the apps that we are going to mention below. For something they are the most downloaded worldwide in recent days.

Most downloaded apps on iPhone and iPad:

These are the five most outstanding applications, among all the most downloaded, among the December 14-20, 2020.

charging play [Gratis]:

App charging play for iPhone

Charging play app for iPhone

This app is used for loading animation generating an automation of direct access commands in iOS 14. When the mobile phone is connected to the data line or the wireless charging panel is attached, the program will start automatically and turn on the charging animation screen. When the data line is removed or removed from the wireless charging panel, the program will automatically close, which is convenient and practical.

Download charging play

Kahoot! – Play and create quizzes [Gratis]:



Play cool quizzes (kahoots) at school, at home and at work. Kahoot! Brings the magic of learning to students, teachers, office superheroes, quiz fans, and timeless learners.

Download Kahoot!

Heads Up! Best Charades game [1,09 €]:

Heads Up! for iOS

Heads Up! for iOS

What better game than this to liven up a meeting? There is none like Heads Up! to spend fun moments in these atypical Christmases that we are about to begin.

Download Heads Up!

Construction Set – Toys Puzzle [Gratis]:

Construction game

Construction game

Recreate a wide variety of brick buildings and objects in this classic construction game. Start as a novice builder and level up to increasingly complex building sets. This relaxing game is sure to bring back your childhood imagination and fun.

Download Construction Set

Jo mai mai PRO by Unidestroyer [1,09 €]:

Social game

Social game

Game that is in fashion nationwide. A game that whoever downloads the free app ends up buying the paid version to eliminate advertising and be able to play to the fullest, with all the functions of the game. We advise that it is in Catalan. If you want a similar app but in Spanish, click below and download I never.

Download Jo mai mai PRO

Without further ado, next week we will return with the most downloaded apps in iOS for the next seven days.



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