Most downloaded apps of the week on iPhone. Fashion apps

Most downloaded apps of the week on iPhone.  Fashion apps

The weekly compilation of the Most downloaded apps on iPhone and iPad, Worldwide. The fashion apps that we recommend you, at least, try.

Most downloaded apps on iOS

We have a new week and we are about to leave the month of May. Summer begins to be noticed, if you live in the northern hemisphere, and winter if you live in the southern hemisphere. But neither the cold nor the heat is going to make us stop publishing our weekly article, with the most downloaded apps of the week in ios.

A week in which, once again, they dominate the high positions of the rankings of the App Store most influential on the planet, games for our devices. But yes, we bring you other apps that, little by little, will appear in more countries around the world.

Go for it…

Most downloaded apps of the week on the App Store:

These are the most downloaded applications, worldwide, of the May 24-30, 2021.

Poparazzi [Gratis]:


Poparazzi, exclusive app for iPhone

Poparazzi is a new photo sharing network where your friends are your paparazzi and you are theirs. Your friends create your profile by adding photos they have taken of you. On the other hand, you create the profiles of your friends when you take photos of them.

Download Poparazzi

Paste keyboard [Gratis]:

Paste keyboard

Keyboard for iPhone

A keyboard with which it is very easy to copy and paste your notes. You can quickly send your notes and, also, you can use it in Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube…. A very downloaded app, especially in USA

Download Paste Keyboard

Official EURO 2020 [Gratis]:

Official EURO 2020

Official UEFA App

The football Eurocup will begin shortly. A competition that should have been held in 2020 but for the reasons that we all know, it could not. Now yes, between June 11 and July 11 we will see the fight between the best football teams in Europe, to win this trophy. In this app you can find all the info of all the participating teams, news, notification of goals … and even the game Fantasy.

Download Official EURO 2020

Like A Dino! [Gratis]:

Like A Dino

Simple and fun game for iPhone

Simple, fun and clean game. We recommend you, at least, try it.

Download Like A Dino!

Body Race [Gratis]:

Body Race

Slimming and fattening game

The fashion game this week in the middle of the App Store of the world. A game in which we must lose weight or gain weight to reach the scale at the end of each phase, and weigh the target price that is set for us at the beginning of each level.

More info about Body Race

Without further ado, and hoping to have shared with you an app of your interest, we are waiting for you next week with the top downloads of the week.



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