Most downloaded apps of the week on iPhone and iPad

Most downloaded apps of the week on iPhone and iPad

We name you the most downloaded apps of the last days, in the App Store of half the world. Five apps that we recommend you install on your iPhone Y iPad because for a reason they are the ones that almost everyone installs.

Most downloaded apps of the week on iPhone

Last Monday of June 2021, in which we review the classifications of the most downloaded apps of the week at App Store of the most influential countries on the planet. A compilation in which we name the apps that are “Trending topic” in the app stores of Manzana.

This week we highlight games, utilities, a curious keyboard … five interesting ones iPhone apps that we comment on below.

Most downloaded apps on iPhone and iPad, in the last week:

These are the most downloaded apps on the June 21-27, 2021.

Queen Bee! [Gratis]:

Queen Bee!

Game Queen Bee!

Once again, it is the most downloaded app on the planet. A game where your choices will make you a queen bee or a loser. Take care of yourself, stay fashionable and be the most popular girl in school. But beware, fame is hard to earn and very easy to lose.

Download Queen Bee!

Paste Keyboard [2,29 €]:

Paste Keyboard

Keyboard Paste Keyboard

Great keyboard that has risen like foam in recent days. An application with which we can easily save messages, for later, and send them again by touching the globe icon on our keyboard. Do you need to save an address or phone number for later use? Or maybe you use a line of text so often that it helps to have it close at hand. Paste Keyboard it’s your app.

Download Paste Keyboard

Baba is you [7,99 €]:

Baba Is You

Game Baba Is You

This wonderful game has a deep penetration in many countries and has risen among the most downloaded in many App Stores on the planet. A puzzle in which you can change the rules you play by. At all levels, the rules are present as blocks that you can interact with by manipulating them

Download Baba Is You

MOODA [1,09 €]:



An app widely downloaded in countries like Japan with which we can keep track of your mood to better understand yourself. It is the simplest way to improve our emotional well-being.

Download MOODA

Komoot – Cycling / hiking maps [Gratis]:


Cycling and hiking maps

Another one known to us, this great cycling and trails app reappears among the most downloaded. An app with which we can plan all kinds of routes. Adventures that will surely help us to feel free and not lose ourselves while we do them, of course. Plan them well and enjoy them to the fullest.

Komoot App

Without further ado, we wait for next week with the most downloaded applications in iPhone Y iPad, in half the world.



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