MOST DOWNLOADED apps of the week on iPhone and iPad [7-9-2020]

MOST DOWNLOADED apps of the week on iPhone and iPad [7-9-2020]

Compilation of the most downloaded apps in the last days, in the App Store most influential in the world. Five apps that we recommend you download, for something they are top downloads.

Top downloads on iOS

If you wonder what the Most downloaded apps on iPhone and iPad Today, every Monday we mention them in this section. Manually, we access the top downloads of the most influential countries on the planet and choose the most outstanding of all the most downloaded.

This week there are surprises and interesting games appear, a sleep analysis app and a well-known video conferencing app. The latter once again climbs positions in the ranking one of the most downloaded in many countries, given the new wave of infections that is reaching many parts of the world.

If you want to know what is happening worldwide in terms of Applications, keep reading.

Most downloaded applications on iPhone and iPad:

In this compilation we mention the most outstanding apps among the most downloaded, worldwide, among the August 31 and September 6, 2020.

Among Us! [Gratis]:

Play alongside other players in Among Us!Play together other players in Among Us!

Play alongside other players in Among Us!

It is the star game of the last weeks and, for that reason, we name it again. In all App Store most influential on the planet is among the TOP 3 downloads of the most downloaded apps. Without a doubt a great game with which to have a good time. In it we can play online, or by Wifi local, with 4-10 players as we try to prepare our spaceship for the game, but be careful because one of the players will be an impostor hell-bent on killing everyone.

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Download Among Us!

House Life 3D [Gratis]:

A multitude of minigames in this app

Lots of minigames in this app

Enjoy the experience of being a parent with many mini-games. Shave Daddy’s beard and help your kids with homework. Wash the dishes and prepare your children’s snacks. Play basketball in your backyard and do puzzles in your spare time.

Download House Life 3D

VIP Guard [Gratis]:

Bodyguard game for iPhone

Bodyguard game for iPhone

Game that is causing a sensation in which we have to prove that we are good bodyguards. It is challenging, amazing and fun in which we must use all our skills and qualities.

Download VIP Guard

SleepCheck [5,49 €]:

Sleep analysis app for iPhone

Sleep analysis app for iPhone

SleepCheck it is more than just a sleep and snoring recorder. It also assesses our risk of apnea during sleep by analyzing our breathing and the sounds of snoring while we sleep.

Download SleepCheck

ZOOM Cloud Meetings [Gratis]:

ZOOM App for iOS

ZOOM App for iOS

It seems that the second wave of the dreaded virus has taken to the top again, as for the ranking of the most downloaded apps, to this group video conference application. Start or join a great video meeting, with crystal clear audio, with instant screen sharing and cross-platform instant messaging… totally FREE!

Download ZOOM

We hope you have been interested in this compilation, have discovered an interesting app and, if so, we encourage you to share it on your favorite social networks and messaging apps.

We wait for you next week.


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