Most downloaded apps of the week on iPhone and iPad

MOST DOWNLOADED apps of the week on iPhone and iPad

Five applications have been the most outstanding of all the most downloaded apps of the week, in the App Store most influential on the planet. Do not miss it.

Most downloaded apps on iOS

The most interesting compilation of apps on the internet is here. The most downloaded apps of the week in iPhone Y iPad. An article in which we let you know which have been, worldwide, the most installed on devices ios. An interesting way to discover new apps for our phones and tablets.

This week they highlight Addictive games, a magnificent app to eat cheaply that is back in fashion around the world, a social alarm app … a compilation of apps that, at least, we encourage you to try. For something they are the most downloaded in the world in recent days.

Most downloaded apps of the week on iPhone and iPad:

These have been the most outstanding apps among the most downloaded, in the application store of Manzana, from the March 15-21, 2021.

Mix and Drink [Gratis]:

Mini-games for iPhone

Mini-games for iPhone

Get ready to become the best “zumero” in town. You should do the best job in many of the minigames in this game, where you can play differently in each of them. More minigames will arrive in the next updates.

Download Mix and Drink

LoveAlarm [Gratis]:

App LoveAlarmApp LoveAlarm

LoveAlarm App

LoveAlarm sounds when your friends install the application with the invitation link you sent them. LoveAlarm also sounds when you enter a specific area or site at a certain time. A widely downloaded app in many countries of the world.

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Download LoveAlarm

Shoal of fish [Gratis]:

Fish game for iPhone

Fish game for iPhone

Game in which we must take control of a predator and hunt in a school of fish. Very fun and, above all, addictive.

Download Shoal of fish

Too Good To Go [Gratis]:

App against food waste

App against food waste

Too Good To Go is an application that allows you to buy the food that restaurants, pastry shops, bakeries, supermarkets are going to throw away … at outrageous prices. Say NO to food waste.

Too Good To Go App

Monopoly [4,49 €]:

Monopoly for iPhone and iPad

Monopoly for iPhone and iPad

Enjoy the classic board game in a whole new way. MONOPOLY comes to life on iPhones and iPads with a fantastic 3D animated city. An easy-to-use, interactive mobile experience that will captivate the whole family. This week has obtained a surge of downloads in many countries of the planet.

Download Monopoly

Hoping we have discovered an interesting app, we say goodbye to you until the next article. Do not miss it.



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