Most downloaded apps of the week on iPhone and iPad

Most downloaded apps on iPhone and iPad, of the week

Compilation with the most downloaded apps from the App Store, during the week of January 4-10, 2021. Do not miss the five apps that we comment, for something they are in the top downloaded in many countries in the world.

Most downloaded apps from the App Store

We begin the week with the review at most downloaded apps in the App Store most influential in the world. Five applications that have taken the highest positions in the ranking of the most downloaded in countries such as the US, England, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico….

This week highlights, among all applications, the app that many users have chosen as an alternative to WhatsApp. We all know that the new privacy policy It is raising a lot of criticism and many people are looking for apps to replace what, at the moment, is the most used messaging app on the planet.

Most downloaded apps on iPhone and iPad:

Here we present the most outstanding applications among the most downloaded, from January 4-10, 2021.

Signal – Private Messaging [Gratis]:

App Signal for iPhone

Signal App for iPhone

It is the app of choice in many countries to supply WhatsApp. It is widely downloaded in countries such as the US, England, Germany, Canada … and, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the new policies of WhatsApp They have not had a good acceptance and many users are looking for alternatives to the green app. It seems that the chosen one is Signal.

Download Signal

Parlor: The Social Talking App [Gratis]:



Parler is a social network related to Donald trump how much Google as Manzana have been removed from their app stores. To their detriment, the beneficiary has been Parlor, a totally different application that has nothing to do with Parler or its concept, beyond having a similar name and being a social app. Very downloaded, especially in the US.

Download Parlor

BabyGenerator Guess baby face [Gratis]:

App that generates what the Baby of two people will be like

App that generates how the Baby of two people will be

TOP 1 downloads in Japan. This is an application that uses the latest artificial intelligence technology to analyze two faces and produce an image of a supposed baby. We can see our baby’s faces at different ages and genders. We can also see the face of what our baby would be like if we had it with different celebrities.

Download BabyGenerator

Hype Simulator [Gratis]:

Hype Simulator screenshots

Hype Simulator screenshots

An app with which we can all experience a simulation in which we can see what life would be like when you are the center of attention … when you are a celebrity.

Download Hype

My Fit [Gratis]:

My Fit for iOS

My Fit for iOS

It seems that this Christmas they have given a lot of bracelets Xiaomi Band 5. This has catapulted this application to appear among the most downloaded of the week in many countries. We remind you that it is essential to sync your iPhone with this little smart watch.

Download My Fit

What do you think? We hope that we have contributed our grain of sand and discovered apps of your interest.

Next week we will see the most downloaded apps of the current week. Do not lose sight of us.



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