Most downloaded apps of the week on iPhone and iPad [29-6-2020]

Take a look at these NEW iPhone APPS [18-6-2020]

We name you most downloaded applications of the last days, in the App Store from half the world. Five apps that we recommend you install on your iPhone and iPad because there is a reason that almost everyone installs it.

Most downloaded iPhone apps of the week

Most downloaded apps of the week on iPhone

Last Monday of the month of June 2020, in which we review the classifications of the most downloaded apps of the week in the App Store of the most influential countries on the planet. A compilation in which we name the apps that are Trending topic in the app stores of Manzana.

This week we highlight games, utilities, a curious translator … five interesting ones iPhone apps that we discuss below.

Most downloaded apps on iPhone and iPad, during the last week:

These are the most downloaded apps of the June 22 to 28, 2020.

Trivia Royale [Gratis]:

iPhone Quiz GameiPhone Quiz Game

Trivia game for iPhone

This game is quite a sensation in USA . In Trivia Royale We will face a brain battle against thousands of players from all over the world. We will have to use our wits to defeat the opposition. The more players we eliminate, the closer we get to becoming Royale. Final victory is rewarded by being crowned a «Royale » and get access to exclusive Royale Lounge.

Download Trivia Royale

SkySafari 6 Plus [7,99 €]:

SkySafari 6 Plus AppSkySafari 6 Plus App

SkySafari 6 Plus App

Astronomy app that, apart from providing us with all the information regarding anything we see in the sky, provides us with a full-featured space simulator with telescope control and Augmented Reality (AR) mode. Very downloaded in countries like Holland.

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Download SkySafari 6 Plus

Braindom: Brain Games Test [Gratis]:

IQ testIQ test

Inteligence test

This app is a test that lets us know how genius we are and improve our brain skills. It is a great brain test. Do you dare to try it?

Download Braindom

Human-Cat Translator [Gratis]:

Cat TranslatorCat Translator

Cat translator

Bullshit app that is especially funny for people who own a cat as a pet. A widely downloaded application in countries like Germany.

Download Human-Cat translator

Pokémon Café Mix [Gratis]:

Pokémon GamePokémon Game

Pokémon game

It was to be expected and this is confirmed. It was released last week and this new Pokémon game is taking the Top 5 downloads from various countries such as Japan. In this game we will have to take a cafeteria where delicious dishes are served. A puzzle game that you will surely like.

Download Pokémon Café Mix

Without further ado, we are looking forward to next week with the most downloaded applications on iPhone and iPad, in half the world.



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