Most downloaded apps of the week on iPhone and iPad

Most downloaded apps of the week on iPhone and iPad

We bring you a compilation with the five Most downloaded applications on iPhone and iPad, Worldwide. An interesting way to find out what is succeeding in App Store from other countries.

Most downloaded apps on iPhone and iPad

Most downloaded apps on iPhone and iPad

We start the week doing a review of most downloaded apps on devices iOS. A week in which, as always at this time of year, addictive games predominate with which to spend fun moments in our day to day.

Do not stay behind and know what is happening in the App Store Worldwide. Apps that are being widely downloaded in other countries and that, surely, you will not know.

Most downloaded apps of the week on iOS:

These are the five most prominent apps, among the most downloaded, among the July 13 and 19, 2020.

Rescue Machine! [Gratis]:

Simple and addictive gameSimple and addictive game

Simple and addictive game

People are trapped under a rockfall. Can you build a machine to rescue them? Drag the pieces to connect them and make everything click. Connect the pieces and save them all. No. 1 in downloads in USA

Download Rescue Machine!

Riddle Master [Gratis]:

Test your intelligenceTest your intelligence

Test your intelligence

Do you want to test your IQ? Riddle Master is the number 1 puzzle game in terms of IQ. Solve all the difficult questions and test your mental capacity. We advise that it has a lot of advertising. Do the following to prevent advertising from appearing.

Download Riddle Master

Sky Guide [3,49 €]:

Astronomy AppAstronomy App

Astronomy app

The visit of the comet NEOWISE It has triggered the download of this type of applications and, specifically, this one. This app allows us to know where we must look to see this comet that will not be seen again for 6,800 years. If you want to see it, we tell you that you can no longer because it has entered the solar system and it is not possible to see it with the naked eye. Possibly with a telescope if you can.

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Download Sky Guide

Subway Surfers [Gratis]:

Subway Surfer, one of the most downloaded gamesSubway Surfer, one of the most downloaded games

Subway Surfer, one of the most downloaded games

Again this classic game has reappeared among the most downloaded apps of the week. In many countries it has been placed again in the Top 5 free app downloads and, it seems, that its latest update has had something to do. We remember that it is one of the most downloaded games of the past decade.

Download Subway Surfers

Geometry Dash [2,29 €]:

Geometry Dash for iPhoneGeometry Dash for iPhone

Geometry Dash for iPhone

It reappears in the Top 5 of some countries, such as France, Canada, Italy …, the most addictive game in history, from our point of view. There is no game that vitiates more and that has a better soundtrack, than Geometry Dash. If you have never played it, download it and play it. Complicated, electrifying, addictive, wonderful music … IT HAS IT ALL. (Below we pass the download link of the free app. We advise that there is another paid one with all the functions of the game released)

Download Geometry Dash LITE

Without further ado and hoping to have discovered apps that have caught your attention, see you next week with the best app releases of the week.


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