Most downloaded apps of the week on iPhone and iPad

New applications that we recommend you download on your iPhone and iPad

We bring you the best compilation on the internet, in which we highlight the most downloaded apps of the week, globally, on devices iOS. An interesting way to stay up to date with the world of apps.

Top downloads

Top downloads

We started the week giving a review of the top downloads of the App Store most influential on the planet. We name you most downloaded apps by users of iPhone and iPad, for the last seven days, so you know what is cooking in the applications theme.

This week, again, games like Tangle Master 3D and FaceApp, which we already named last week. In order not to be repetitive, we will not mention them again. As to FaceApp tell you that we have investigated how dangerous it is and we will leave you our result in our article Is FaceApp as dangerous as they say?. We recommend it.

Are you ready to learn about fashion apps in half the world?

Top downloads of the week on the App Store:

These are the most downloaded apps of the June 15 to 21, 2020.

Money Buster! [Gratis]:

Detect and eliminate counterfeit banknotesDetect and eliminate counterfeit banknotes

Detects and removes counterfeit bills

Without a doubt the winner of the week. It is in the TOP 5 downloads of almost every country on the planet. A simple and addictive game in which we must detect false money through magnifying glasses and various tools. Discard the counterfeit bills and collect the real ones.

Download Money Buster!

Good Slice [Gratis]:

Simple fruit cutting gameSimple fruit cutting game

Simple game of cutting fruits

Another one of those easy games to play that, above all, has caused a sensation in Australia. In it we must cut fruit so that they fall into the crusher and, thus, be able to make smoothies.

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Download Good Slice

United Legends [Gratis]:

PvP Battle GamePvP Battle Game

PvP battle game

In France it has caused a sensation. In this game we will have to defend our country with legendary heroes from the history of different countries. It has everything to succeed in other countries on the planet. It is very reminiscent of Clash Royale.

Download United Legends

SimpleRockets 2 [5,49 €]:

Space rocket simulatorSpace rocket simulator

Space rocket simulator

3D space simulator, widely downloaded in Spain, that allows you to build rockets, planes … or anything you can imagine and explore highly detailed 3D planets. It allows you to easily share all kinds of games and content created in the app, with the community. 17 different challenges are included to test your creations.

Download SimpleRockets 2

Pokemon smile [Gratis]:

Pokemon app for boys and girlsPokemon app for boys and girls

Pokémon app for boys and girls

The new app of Pokemon Aimed at the smallest of the house, it is causing a furor in countries like Japan. An application to encourage boys and girls who find it difficult to brush their teeth. Thanks to brushing them well, they hunt different Pokemon. Surely more than one adult will use it … hehehe.

Download Pokémon Smile

Without further ado, we are waiting for you next week with the new top downloads of the week, in App Store Most important in the world.



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