Most downloaded apps from the App Store in recent days

New applications that we recommend you download on your iPhone and iPad

We review the Most downloaded apps from the App Store and we name you the five most interesting ones. Are you going to miss them?

Top downloads App Store

Like every Monday we bring you five most downloaded apps, in the app store of Manzana, of the last seven days. An article that we do weekly and with which you will be up-to-date on the world’s fashion apps.

This week we start to see apps that will be TOP downloads at Christmas and simple games, social simulators, an interesting relaxation app…. A whole set of apps that we recommend you download or, at least, try.

Go for it…

Most downloaded apps on iPhone and iPad:

These are the most downloaded apps, worldwide, among the November 30 and December 6, 2020.

Hype simulator [Gratis]:

App Hype Simulator

Hype Simulator App

A widely downloaded app in the US and England with which we can all experience a simulation in which we can see what life would be like when you are the center of attention… when you are a celebrity.

Download Hype simulator

Incredibox [4,99 €]:

Incredibox Music App

Incredibox music app

Become the conductor of a group of human-beatbox and start creating your own music. Find sound combinations to unlock animated choruses that will allow you to improve your compositions. A marvel made application. Very, very funny.

Download Incredibox

Stacky Dash [Gratis]:

Stacky Dash game

Stacky Dash game

Slide your finger to launch your hero through the mazes, stack the tiles higher and higher and reach the skies.

Download Stacky Dash

TeasEar – Slime Simulator [Gratis]:

Virtual Slime Simulator

Virtual Slime Simulator

Anti-stress app ideal to escape from reality and immerse yourself in a sensory paradise. This app, based on ASMR, is one of the most progressive relaxation methods out there. A tool that makes meditation apps and white noise obsolete.

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Download TeasEar

PNP – Portable North Pole ™ [Gratis]:

Personalized calls from Santa Claus

Personalized calls from Santa Claus

One of the star apps of Christmas begins to be very downloaded. An application with which we can create greetings and videos of Santa for the little ones, while the children will find the most fun games and messages.

Download PNP

We hope you found the apps that we have highlighted among the top downloads this week interesting.

Greetings and in seven days, more and better.


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