Most downloaded applications on iPhone, in the last week of 2020

New APPS for iPhone and iPad that we recommend you download

Compilation of the most downloaded apps in the last days, in the App Store most influential in the world. Five apps that we recommend you download.

Top downloads on iOS

If you wonder what applications are the most downloaded on iPhone and iPad Today, every Monday we mention them in this section. Manually, we access the top downloads of the most influential countries on the planet and choose the most outstanding of all the most downloaded.

This week it shows that Santa Claus has given many iPhone and many of the apps that we are going to mention, surely you already know them. Even so, we recommend you consult the compilation because there are some little known and very interesting.

Most downloaded applications on iPhone and iPad:

In this compilation we mention the most outstanding apps among the most downloaded, worldwide, among the December 21 and 27, 2020.

Project Makeover [Gratis]:

Game of changes I look for iOS

Game of changes what look for iOS

It returns, after a few weeks, to be one of the most downloaded applications in the world. A game in which you must make changes of looks to whoever asks you. Choose clothes, hairstyles, makeup and even the most chic furniture….

Download Project Makeover

Snapchat [Gratis]:

Snapchat for iPhoneSnapchat for iPhone

Snapchat for iPhone

This great app from the best social network appears again, especially in English-speaking countries, for us, which is in the App Store. The new lenses to create Christmas greetings seems to be one of the reasons for this increase in downloads

Download Snapchat

Mega Photo: camera effects [Gratis]:

Fun image editor for iPhone

Fun image editor for iPhone

This app allows us to twist, deform, pinch, our photos to obtain surprising designs. You can even rotate your images in 3D. There are over 800 free effects to choose from and you’ll see them all in real time.

Download Mega Photo

SkyView [2,29 €]:

Astronomy App for iOS

Astronomy app for iOS

The historic conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn seems to have been the trigger for many astronomy lovers, and not so much, to download this magnificent app to follow this magical moment live.

Download SkyView

WhatsApp Messenger [Gratis]:



The most benefited among all the apps in the App Store because it has suffered a large increase in downloads, apparently due to the large number of new iPhone that have been given at Christmas. How surely all of you will have it installed, we give you the link so that you can access a lot of tutorials to get the most out of one of the most used apps by all of us.

WhatsApp tutorials

Without further ado and wishing you a happy and prosperous new year, see you in 2021 with the best apps of the week, the beginning of a new decade.



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