Most downloaded applications on iPhone, during the last week

FREE APPS for a limited time, which you have to download on your iPhone

The compilation of the Most downloaded applications on iPhone and iPad, of the last days. We show you the trending app that is taking the top positions in most countries in the world.

New apps for iPhone and iPad

New apps for iPhone and iPad

We start the week with our section of the most downloaded apps on iOS, between June 29 and July 5, 2020.

With it you can discover the apps that are being top downloads in countries like the US, Canada, England, Germany, France, Australia…. It is a very good way to find great pearls that are not yet known in your country.

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Most downloaded apps of the week on the App Store:

These are the most outstanding apps among the most downloaded, during the last seven days.

Beat Blade: Dash Dance [Gratis]:

Music game for iPhoneMusic game for iPhone

Music game for iPhone

Use your thumb to control the character, cut the blocks and avoid the traps until you reach the end of the song. Great game that is succeeding in the US where it is TOP 1 downloads in the last days.

Download Beat Blade

Doctor Care! [Gratis]:

Become a podiatristBecome a podiatrist

Become a podiatrist

This game makes you a podiatrist. Complete mini games to unlock more tools and update your clinic. Without a doubt, the game of the week on half a planet.

Download Doctor Care!

Tie dye [Gratis]:

Creative T-shirtsCreative T-shirts

Creative T-shirts

Live the summer trend. T-shirts, bikinis, beach bags … whatever! Show off your creative skills as you customize Tie Dye clothing to your liking. Let the summer fun begin!

Download Tie Dye

Golfing Over It [2,29 €]:

Golf gameGolf game

Golf game

Golf game which is being a success in countries like Japan. A game to have a good time in this hot summer that we are living in the northern hemisphere of the planet.

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Download Golfing Over It

Funny Voice Effects [Gratis]:

App to change voicesApp to change voices

App to change voices

Easy and fun app that allows you to make your voice sound different. Select a voice or press and hold to record a short video. Then apply a realistic and cool effect to your voice in seconds. Just wait for the magic to happen.

Download Funny Voice Effects

We hope we have discovered apps of your interest. You already know that every Monday we bring you the most downloaded apps on the planet, so you can download and enjoy them.

Some of the free games that we have mentioned have many ads. If you want to avoid them, you have to read the following article where we explain how to prevent ads from showing up without paying.

Greetings and until next Monday … Ciao !!!.


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