More rumors are coming in about future AirTags

AirTags could be much closer than we think

More rumors and leaks begin to arrive about which futures AirTags of Manzana, the device for locating objects.


The possible design of future AirTags

If there is a device Manzana that has been rumored for a long time, but which does not finish seeing the light, are the AirTags. These small devices that would allow us to locate the objects in which we place them do not finish being presented in a definitive way.

If it is true that more and more rumors and leaks are arriving, even “by Apple”. And today we bring you a new leak that details some important aspects of the AirTags, “Knowing” the design of the same. Specifically, it is about the dimensions of the same and the price.

Among the latest leaks of the AirTags we find the dimensions and possible price of the same

Regarding the dimensions, a last leak indicates that they would not be too large. Something logical in the case of an accessory or device that would serve to locate objects and that should be placed on the objects that we want to locate in one way or another.

The dimensions would be, more specifically, 32 × 32mm and a thickness of 6mm. A fairly small size and that allowed us to place them on almost any object. Plus one if they include some type of adapter or keychain.

airtags apple airtag 2

One of the latest renderings of the AirTags

In addition to the dimensions, what would be the possible price of the same has also been filtered, another very important aspect. The price would be $ 39. This price, as usual, would have to be changed from dollars to euros and we cannot know, due to the exchange rates it makes. Manzana, which could be its price in countries like Spain.

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In any case, and as always when it comes to rumors and leaks, nothing is certain. And it is not and will not be until Manzana present, or not, definitely, this little device that has been rumored since approximately 2020.


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