Missing “Open with” option in Windows 10. How to restore or repair?

Missing "Open with" option in Windows 10. How to restore or repair?

Your Windows 10 may have an issue where “Open withMissing option or Open with option is not listed in right click context menu in Windows 10.

There may be several reasons why “Open with…»In the Windows 10 context menu, but the most common is the latest Windows 10 update bug. Many users reported that the Open with … option is not visible to them when they click right on one of the files.

The most common reason for this is a change in the registry value due to updating Windows or changing the registry value.

Therefore, in order to restore the missing opening with the option in the context menu, we need to add the correct registry value.

Make a backup of the Windows registry before continuing.

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Fixed missing “Open with” option

Follow the steps below and restore Open with option:

Step 1. Open Windows Registry Editor

  • hurry Win + R to open the Run dialog
  • Type regedit and hit Okay

open windows registry editor

2nd step. Follow the registry path below to reach the destination:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT*shellexContextMenuHandlersOpen With

Data value should not be set for key (default)

Step 3. Double-click on the key (default), then enter the following key value and click OK to save him.


open catering with option

The above action will take effect immediately on your Windows registry and the “Open with” option will be restored or added to the Windows 10 right-click context menu.

Finally now to check you can go to any of your files and right click on it and yes definitely you will find the Open with option in the right-click context menu list.

Note: On the other hand, if you still cannot find the Open with option, we strongly recommend that you do a Windows restart once and you will get it.

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For any questions or additional questions, comment below.

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