Minecraft vs Roblox: which is better for you or your child?

Minecraft vs Roblox: which is better for you or your child?

Two of the main video game sandboxes are Minecraft and Roblox. They allow players, especially in the younger age groups, to create worlds and games from something that looks like digital Legos, explore worlds created by other players, and experience adventures alongside real-world friends and those you meet in the game.

But beyond that, the two hit games are actually quite different from each other. Here the differences between Minecraft and Roblox are discussed so that you can determine what is best for you (or your child).

Minecraft vs. Roblox microtransactions

Microtransactions will be a key issue in the minds of suspicious parents who have had their wallets burnt too often because children are obsessed with special items. How do they work in the two games?

Minecraft vs. Roblox 2 microtransactions

There are several different versions of Minecraft. You will find very few microtransactions on the PC version of the game due to the wealth of community-created content, but on Android and consoles you will have to pay for various premium “add-ons” that you buy with Minecoins through a dedicated marketplace.

According to one estimate, texture packs cost around $ 4 to $ 5, as do larger mash-up packs. Different game modes and structures cost around $ 1 to $ 10. Of those prices, 70% goes to creators, while Microsoft takes a 30% discount.

Roblox works a little differently. The entire game is ‘freemium’, and once you’re there you can access different game modes and player creations using a currency called Robux. Prices for in-game items are rising, with $ 10 in-game passes providing limited access to games and cosmetic items costing $ 5 and up.

Minecraft Vs Roblox 1 microtransactions

Minecraft Vs Roblox 1 microtransactions

There are also third-party sites selling in-game items for frankly outrageous prices (like Gameflip), where you can pay tens of dollars for a single item. This way Roblox feels a little less secure and controlled in terms of microtransactions.

Minecraft vs. Roblox price

A big point of divergence between the two games, and especially important if you are a parent who actually pays, is that one is an outright purchase and the other is free, which usually means you will end up paying. more in the long run.

Minecraft vs Roblox Gameplay Jailbreak

Minecraft vs Roblox Gameplay Jailbreak

the Minecraft Starter Pack costs $ 26.99, which will give you access to all in-game content. You can get the Master Collection for around $ 50, which is pre-packaged with some of the best creations in the community as well as 1000 Minecoins.

Minecraft Vs Roblox Landscape

Minecraft Vs Roblox Landscape

Roblox, on the other hand, is free but relies more on the Robux in-game currency (which you buy with real money) once you’re inside. Many games created in Roblox charge Robux for access, and there isn’t necessarily a lot of quality control.

You can also subscribe to Roblox Premium ($ 6 to $ 20 per month) which cuts down a lot of the work and gives you monthly Robux income and more options for trading with players. Of course, those subscription costs add up pretty quickly.

Sophisticated players can even earn in-game Robux, which can then be converted into real money, but it takes a lot of dedication and effort and likely won’t work for more casual players.

Minecraft vs. Roblox gameplay

Despite superficial similarities, Minecraft and Roblox play very differently. Minecraft is a more solitary game, focused more on creating worlds using the various building blocks in the game. A lot of the levels tend to be single-player – or if they’re online, on smaller servers. Minecraft is truly a game in itself, played in first or third person, allowing players to explore and build in worlds created by other players.

Minecraft vs. Roblox Minecraft Gameplay

Minecraft vs. Roblox Minecraft Gameplay

Roblox is more of a toolkit for making games in a number of genres – shooters, strategy games, other games, etc. So in Roblox you have extremely popular games like Jailbreak – where you have to prevent or perform a bank robbery, Natural Disaster Survival, and Theme Park Tycoon 2.

Minecraft vs. Roblox Gameplay 2

Minecraft vs. Roblox Gameplay 2

The variety is huge, but you might have to pay a small amount from Robux if you want to play some of them (by buying in-game money in Jailbreak, for example). Here, too, the emphasis is much more on multiplayer, so you will interact with other players a lot more. If you are a parent this means that you should be more wary in Roblox of abuse or other bad behavior because as we all know the internet can be a tough place!

A good way to separate them would be to say that Minecraft is basically a craft / build / survival game, while Roblox is a toolset whose audience is split between the creators of various games and consumers. who play it.

MineCraft popularity vs. Roblox

Because Roblox has grown in popularity in recent years and not much talked about before, there is a misconception that it came out after Minecraft or even that it is a Minecraft scam. The truth is, Roblox has been around since 2006, making it three years older than Minecraft, which came out in 2009. Who’s the copier now?

Minecraft vs Roblox graph

Minecraft vs Roblox graph

Regardless, Minecraft was by far the most popular game for many years, although its waning popularity since its peak in 2013 meant that interest in Minecraft and Roblox was almost equal in 2017 and August 2019. Roblox topped 91 million monthly Minecraft users by having 100 million. Impressive!

All in all, it’s fair to say that both games enjoy enormous popularity, and you won’t have any trouble finding servers and games to play with others in either. other.

Minecraft and Roblox aren’t as similar as you initially thought, right? If you go Minecraft over Roblox and own a Raspberry Pi, you can turn the Pi into a Minecraft server! Or, for something more casual and instant, check out our list of hidden Google games.


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