Microsoft’s xCloud is now available in beta for iPhone and iPad

Microsoft's xCloud is now available in beta for iPhone and iPad

xCloud from Microsoft It is now available in open beta with subscription for both iPhone and iPad users.

Microsoft’s Project xCloud in open beta

Long ago that Microsoft’s Project xCloud was announced to be coming to iPhone and iPad sooner rather than later. This platform was available, as of April 2021 on a limited basis for a very small number of users in the form of a closed beta.

While that was the initial idea, from Microsoft They were clear and said that they wanted to move very quickly and make the beta available to as many users as they wanted, in many countries, as soon as possible.

This new beta of Microsoft’s xCloud is an open beta

And, from what it seems, in the closed beta everything has gone well since, for a couple of days, the beta of xCloud It is open to all those users who want to access it and help it to be out of beta as soon as possible.

As previously happened, in this open beta phase we will not find an application of xCloud. This is due to Apple policies that prevent these types of applications from accessing the App Store from iPhone Y iPad.

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Play from your favorite device with your favorite controller

Therefore, it will be executed through a «web app»Which can be accessed from the web And although this may be an inconvenience, it is not at all, since it has been achieved that xCloud functions in a more than correct way.

As before, this open beta phase will be compatible with controllers for iPhone and iPad and we will find console quality games to play with our portable devices. Among it, for example, Destinty 2, GTA V or Read Dead Online, among many others.

Undoubtedly, and as expected, this platform will greatly change the landscape of mobile games. What do you think of this initiative? Will you try this open beta of xCloud from Microsoft?


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