Microsoft Excel for Windows shortcut keys

Microsoft Excel for Windows shortcut keys

Microsoft Excel shortcut keys

Keyboard shortcuts make our task easier. It is true that using keyboard shortcuts in Excel allows users to work more efficiently. Therefore, below is the list of important and useful Microsoft Excel shortcut keys.

Using shortcuts in Excel increases your productivity and reduces your time.

Microsoft Excel is part of the Office application package. Whenever you install Microsoft Office (any version), it is automatically installed along with other applications like Word, PowerPoint, Access, etc.

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Excel shortcuts to know

The given list of MS Excel keyboard shortcuts will work with all versions from Microsoft Excel 2003 up to Microsoft Excel 2019 or Office 365. Check out the list below to learn about basic Excel shortcuts and their functions.

Note: If you are using a laptop, the shortcuts F1, F7 and F12 below will work with laptops fn key

Useful Microsoft Excel shortcut keys

Keyboard shortcutControl function
Ctrl + ASelect all
Ctrl + BMake text bold
Ctrl + CCopy selected text
Ctrl + DFill in the cell as above
Ctrl + FSearch option
Ctrl + HLaunch the Find and Replace window
Ctrl + IMake text Italics
Ctrl + KCreate Hyperlink
Ctrl + NCreate a new Excel workbook
Ctrl + OTo open an existing Excel workbook
Ctrl + PPrinting option
Ctrl + SSave an Excel workbook
Ctrl + VPaste the copied text
Ctrl + UUnderline selected text
Ctrl + WTo close an existing workbook
Ctrl + XCut selected text
Ctrl + ZCancel your action
Ctrl + YRedo the action
Ctrl + F1To show or hide the ribbon
Ctrl + F2Switch window to print preview
Ctrl + F3Open name manager (set name)
Ctrl + F4Close an Excel workbook
Ctrl + F6 or Ctrl + TabSwitch between open workbooks
Ctrl + F9Minimize the workbook window
Ctrl + Shift + UExpand or collapse the formula bar
Alt + FOpen the File tab menu
Alt + HGo to the Home tab
Alt + NOpen the Insert tab
Alt + PGo to the Layout tab
Alt + MGo to the Formulas tab
Alt + AGo to the Data tab
Alt + RGo to the Review tab
Alt + WGo to the View tab
Alt + YGo to the Help tab
Alt + QGo to Tell me what you wanna do Search bar
Alt + F1Create an integrated bar chart based on selected data
Alt + F8Create, run, edit, or delete a macro
Alt + F11Open the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications editor
Shift + F3Open insert function the window
Shift + F11Insert a new worksheet
F1Open the help pane
F7Check spelling
F12Open the Save as dialog box

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