MedusApp, the app that gives jellyfish alerts directly to your iPhone

MedusApp, the app that gives jellyfish alerts directly to your iPhone

Medusapp It is an application that we recommend you have on your iPhone if you are going to go to a beach destination this summer.

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If you are one of those who are waiting, like May water, for holidays, this is one of the iPhone applications most important that you are going to install, if you have chosen to go to a beach destination.

You will want to rest from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the year and surely you will not want anything or anyone to bother you on those days. Well, we have to tell you that there are some small invertebrates that can do it. If you don’t know what “bugs” are, we are going to give it a name … jellyfish.

MedusApp, the application that cannot be missing this summer on your iPhone:

These invertebrates can be very annoying in the summer, and as prevention is better than cure, we propose to take your iPhone the application MedusappBecause you can avoid more than one scare.

MedusApp main screenMedusApp main screen

MedusApp main screen

The app allows us to report if we have suffered a bite on a beach on the Spanish coast, report a sighting on a beach, see a map with the bites and sightings reported by other users of the app and specialists, to have a complete guide to the different jellyfish that visit the Spanish coasts and know what to do if one bites us.

To report a sting, the app will ask us for some information. First a photograph of the sting, and then data such as the age, sex of the person or the species to which the jellyfish belongs, for research purposes. The same happens with sightings, for which we are asked for a photo, if we could identify the species and the abundance and size.

Updated map of jellyfish sightingsUpdated map of jellyfish sightings

Updated map of jellyfish sightings

The jellyfish guide is a section with all the jellyfish that are sighted on the Spanish coasts illustrated with photos and data. The first aid guide is presented in the form of a “decision” tree that will show us what to do if you have been bitten. Finally, the map will show us all the sightings of jellyfish off the coast of Spain.

Although the app is focused for research purposes, it seems to us, the less useful to have on hand in the iPhone this summer.

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MedusApp, the app that gives jellyfish alerts directly to your iPhone

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