Make a 50-person video call on WhatsApp for iPhone

WhatsApp already allows you to make payments and send money between users

We show you the way to create a room to make a video call of 50 people on WhatsApp from your iPhone, without problem.

50 person video call

So you can create a video call of 50 people on WhatsApp

Today we are going to teach you make a video call of 50 people in a WhatsApp group. A great way to have everyone in the same room without having to make several video calls.

Something that was asked of WhatsApp, was being able to make a larger group when it came to making video calls. And it is that these were somewhat limited and at the time that you had to make a somewhat large number of people, it limited you a lot. This made you end up choosing other types of applications for it.

That is why the developers have gotten to work and have managed to make a video call of up to 50 people. And we are going to explain how to do it step by step.

How to make a video call of up to 50 people on WhatsApp

Well, the process is very simple and you may have even seen it through the app. This function is available in the share menu.

Therefore, we go to a chat and click on the symbol <> that appears at the bottom left. When doing so, the menu will be displayed and we will see a tab with the name of <>.

50-person video call 150-person video call 1

Create the room from the share menu

A message will appear that will take us to the Messenger app, if it is not installed, it will take us to a web version. Once here they will give us a link that we can share with all those whom we want to invite to the video call.

50-person video call 250-person video call 2

Share the room link

In this simple way we can have a meeting, for example, with a large number of people and without having to leave our instant messaging app.

Important to know that this function is not currently available in WhatsApp Business

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