MagSafe accessories can now be reserved for the iPhone 12

MagSafe accessories can now be reserved for the iPhone 12

We bring you all the information about the MagSafe accessories that Apple announced in the Keynote of the iPhone 12 and that are compatible with this.

MagSafe accessories

All MagSafe accessories are now available for reservation

Today we are going to talk about MagSafe accessories. Some products that we can reserve from now on and that are only compatible, for the moment, with the iPhone 12.

At the presentation of the new Apple iPhone, we saw some products and a new way of charging the iPhone, totally innovative. And now the new devices have a kind of magnet on the back, which makes wireless charging much more accurate. But also, along with these new chargers, certain accessories compatible with these magnets also appeared.

Well, from now on we can reserve these accessories, in the event that we are going to get one of the new iPhone 12 that we saw, since it is compatible with all 4 models.

We can now reserve MagSafe accessories

At the time of publication of these accessories we could not get hold of them, but after the first reservations of both the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro, these products can now also be reserved.

In case someone does not know what products we are talking about, then we will present them to you in case you want to reserve any of them or simply in case you want to buy them in the future.

The accessories that we can reserve and that will be available from next October 23, They are:

  • Silicone cases with MagSafe.
  • MagSafe charger.
  • Leather wallet with MagSafe
MagSafe accessories 1accessories MagSafe 1

Complete catalog

These are all the accessories that Apple has made available to us with this technology. It is true, as is always the case, that prices are somewhat high. But we are totally convinced that in a few days we will be able to find accessories with this technology in places like Amazon and that they will be much cheaper.

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