Magnificent app to make videos with photos and videos from the iPhone reel

Magnificent app to make videos with photos and videos from the iPhone reel

We bring you a magnificent app to make videos with photos spool. A very simple way to create videos to share on social networks, messaging apps … or wherever you want.

Showcut, a great app to make videos with photos

The other day searching iPhone apps with which to make videos for Instagram Y TikTok, we met with Showcut, a very good free app with which to do magic. And we say this because the possibilities offered by this app are immense.

It is one of the most used applications by TikTokers and it is not for less. In a very simple way we can get videos that will surprise our entire audience, friends….

Certainly one video editing app that you must try.

ShowCut, a great app to make videos with iPhone photos:

The application offers us a large number of templates in which to add the photos and videos that we want from our reel.

ShowCut Screenshots

ShowCut screenshots

We choose the one we want and more suited to what we want to do, we can choose from a large number of categories, we add the photos and videos that allow us and… voila, we will have as a result, a magnificent video that you will surely love.

Not all templates accept the photos we want. Many only allow you to add 2 images and others some more. We have come to see templates that allow up to 9 photos.

Very simple to use, the only thing that we are going to take is to select the template that we want to use. To preview them, simply click on them and if you like how it is, add the photos that it allows you to add.

Very good application that we encourage you to download if you are a lover of this type of photographic composition.

To download it simply click below.

Download Showcut

Without further ado, we continue testing apps to bring you the best ones for your iOS devices. If you know of any that are worthwhile and we have not mentioned on the web, we encourage you to tell us in the comments of this article.



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