Lossless from Apple Music will not be playable on AirPods

Lossless from Apple Music will not be playable on AirPods

Manzana has communicated that AirPods they will not be able to reproduce the new sound Hi-Fi or Lossless which will come soon to Manzana Music.

Apple Music Lossless and Dolby Atmos

Yesterday we learned that Apple would add two new audio modes to Apple Music. The first one was Dolby Atmos spatial sound, and the second one was Hi-Fi Lossless audio. And while it all seemed like good news since both would be included for free in any Apple Music subscription, it seems not to be entirely so.

It turns out that while Dolby Atmos will be fully compatible with any AirPod From the first generation, the same will not happen with Lossless. And it turns out that Lossless will not be playable in any of the AirPods from Manzana.

AirPods Out of Apple Music Lossless Audio Compatibility

This does not happen only with AirPods from Manzana, but with any wireless headset. This is because, in order to reproduce in high fidelity, it is necessary that the reproduction is carried out through a wired headset.

This is the reason why they are completely discarded from this new Lossless from Manzana Music the whole range of AirPods, from the first generation to the new AirPods Max, going through the AirPods Pro.

iphone j baldin dolby atmos

The hallmarks of the new audio modes

It’s a shame that the whole range of AirPods stay out of the new Lossless from Manzana Music. But on the bright side, we love that new Dolby Atmos spatial and surround sound is coming to all AirPods and that both audio modes are being included at no additional cost.

Also, from what seems to be being rumored, Manzana could release an update with a new audio codec that would allow the AirPods they will reproduce the Lossless audio even minimally. But, as usual, this is just a rumor and we will have to wait to see if it comes true.


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