Look Around, Apple’s Street View, now available in Spain

Look Around, Apple's Street View, now available in Spain

Look around it is already activated for our country. If you do not know what we mean, we have to tell you that it is the “Street View” from Manzana. We can see at street level any street in our country.

Look Around arrives in Spain

Obviously this function of the apple maps will be deployed, little by little, throughout our country, but what is clear is that those of Cupertino They have chosen Spain and Portugal as new countries that can enjoy this great function.

Sure if you have ever used Google maps, have you seen the function of street view. An option that really comes in handy when we are going to look for a street, for example. And it is that with it we can see the area in which we are at street level, which makes peripheral vision perfect. Well, Apple has copied this function but … it has improved it to the beast. The quality, detail, versatility and, above all, how easy it is to use Look around, it is a wonder.

To enjoy it you will have to have iOS updated to the latest version.

This is how Look Around works in Spain and the rest of the world:

In the following video we will show you how this magnificent function of the maps of Manzana (When we made the video it was only enabled in the US):

In order to see that view, we open the maps of Manzana and we look for the place we want to see.

When we have found the place, we zoom in on the area until an icon with an image with binoculars appears. (If it does not appear it is because it is not enabled for that place. Surely it will be added in the future). It will appear on the left side of the screen. If we press it, the function will be activated Look around, as you can see in the following image.

Plaza de las Cibeles seen in Look Around

Plaza de las Cibeles seen in Look Around

Now we can move around the city in full:

  • Displace: Drag a finger to the left or right.
  • Move along: Press the atmosphere.
  • Zoom in or out the image: Join or spread your fingers.
  • See another point of interest: Tap anywhere else on the map.
  • Switch to or exit full screen: Click on the arrow buttons.
  • Hide labels in full screen view: Press the information card at the bottom of the screen, then press the button marked with a crossed out eye.

Without a doubt, wonderful news that makes Apple Maps much better app.



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