Lock Netflix screen when you are playing content

Lock Netflix screen when you are playing content

We show you how to block the Netflix screen on the iPhone or iPad, when we are viewing any content.

Today we are going to teach you lock Netflix screen. Ideal when we are seeing something on the iPhone, for example, and we do not want the screen to go away or close it inadvertently.

If you use Netflix, which today is the most normal thing, you will have verified that over time the app has evolved. In this case we are going to comment on a function that has been quite popular and that helps us to block the screen when we are playing content.

With this function we get that we only see what we are playing and we avoid surprises that we get off the screen or the volume is lowered …

How to block the Netflix screen when we are playing content

The process is very simple and it is an option that we have available at sight. You may not have paid attention to it until now, but from now on, it will be your best ally.

What we must do is reproduce any content. When the playback menu appears, at the bottom left we will see a tab with the name of <> and a padlock.

Click on the block tab

Click on this tab and you’re done. We will already have the screen locked and unless we unlock it, we will not leave that reproduction. To unlock this screen, the padlock will appear again and we will have to keep it pressed …

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Netflix screen 2

Unlock the screen by clicking on the padlock that appears

In this simple way we can lock and unlock our screen without any problems, and thus avoid any surprises that we may take.


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